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Best Bitcoin Exchange Sites, Wallets, Hardware, and Apps in 2017 - The Ultimate Bitcoin Website List ~ ButterBlog: Ranking the best sites on the internet. Best sites for movies, tv shows, and more!

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Best Bitcoin Exchange Sites, Wallets, Hardware, and Apps in 2017 - The Ultimate Bitcoin Website List

By Buttermouth Friday, March 3, 2017

Bitcoin is the money of the future. It's the first of many cryptocurrencies, or online decentralized currencies, that have been created in the last decade as a response to the global recession in 2008 to provide consumers a stable store of value. It has grown immensely since then and is used by millions across the world and growing every day.

However, there are a lot of bitcoin sites out there. There are bitcoin exchanges, bitcoin hardware, bitcoin wallets, bitcoin apps, and a whole lot of other totally legitimate bitcoin services. However, there are a lot of scams as well.

So, I've decided to compile the best exchanges, wallets, apps, and hardware pieces into one handy guide to Bitcoin. Located below you'll find my favorite sites in every part of bitcoin and other alt currencies. I hope you find it handy and please share this article if you do.


Best Sites to Buy Bitcoin For the First Time

Bitcoin can be scary at first to purchase. There are a whole lot of unknowns when first starting. However, the sites listed below are all a great way to get your feet wet in bitcoin. They hold the bitcoin for you on their insured services so you don't have to worry about anything. However, you should always move your Bitcoin to a secure wallet if you plan on holding for any prolonged time. No service or site will ever be safe from hackers, but the Bitcoin blockchain is. That's why it's so popular. The blockchain has never been hacked, so there's no better place to keep your Bitcoin. To do so, you need to obtain your private and public keys. But that's all a bit confusing for beginners, so I suggest starting with one of these sites until you start to understand Bitcoin a little more.

Rank Site Credit Card?
1 coinbase Yes $250k
2 gemini bitcoin exchange No Dollars only
3 coinmama buy bitcoin Yes No
Local Bitcoin Purchases
4 coin atm radar Cash Only In Person
5 local bitcoins buy bitcoin Cash Only In Person

Best Bitcoin Exchanges to Buy & Sell Bitcoin

Bitcoin exchanges are the lifeblood of Bitcoin. It's where all the trading of bitcoin happens. You can buy and sell dozens of alt coins and bitcoin straight up or through margin as well. However, there is a lot of risk in both trading and storing your bitcoin on these services. Bitcoin and other digital currencies act unpredictability so trading these assets is very risky. These exchanges are also prone to being hacked and all or some of your currency held on these services may be lost in the future. Every time you've heard of bitcoin being hacked, it was one of these services (not the actual Bitcoin blockchain). That said, exchanges are still very important for the Bitcoin economy and are used by practically everyone that uses Bitcoin for one reason or another. We've listed the best 10 below. These exchanges have all shown that they are reliable and fair to their customers in the past, so can expect the same in the future.

Rank Site Margin
1 kraken bitcoin exchange 3x 13
2 bitfinex 3.3x 8
3 coin atm radar 2.5x 50+
4 local bitcoins buy bitcoin No 5
5 cex exchange Not in US 6
6 bitstamp exchange Q2 2017 4
7 btc-e 3x 9
8 bitsquare No 49
9 bitshares
2x 50+
10 okcoin chinese exchange 20x 6


Best Bitcoin Wallets to Store Your Bitcoin

You can keep your bitcoin on all the exchanges above, but it's highly recommended you don't, if you want to hold on to your coins for a long period of time. To do this, you are going to need a Bitcoin wallet. A wallet is a program that keeps your private and public keys safe while allowing you to send and receive Bitcoin as well. Only 1 wallet is 100% unhackable and that is a paper wallet (the first link bitaddress allows you to create one). This kind of wallet is just a piece of paper with your private and public keys printed on it. The downside to this kind of wallet is that if you lose the piece of paper (or spend money without changing your address) you can lose all your bitcoin with no chance of getting it back. The other wallets listed below are still very secure though. I recommend anyone to pick 2-3 of these wallets and divide your bitcoins among them. This makes it much harder for you to lose all of your bitcoin in case anything happens.

Rank Site Security
1 bitaddress wallet
A+ Paper
2 ledger nano wallet A Hardware
3 electrum A Desktop
4 blockchain wallet A Web/Mobile
5 breadwallet
A Mobile
6 armory A Desktop
7 trezor A Hardware
8 copay bitcoin wallet B+ All
9 mycelium exchange B+ Mobile
10 coin b wallet B Web

Best Bitcoin Sites to Use With Bitcoin

Once you have some Bitcoin, you need to find some cool way to spend it or use it. Luckily, there are plenty of cool ways to do just that. From getting discounts on Amazon to changing your bitcoin into any type of other cryptocurrency, here are my favorite sites to use Bitcoin with.

Rank Site Comment
1 purse app bitcoin Buy on Amazon with a discount
2 airfare with bitcoin Buy Airfare with Bitcoin
3 overstock pay bitcoin Buy anything with Bitcoin
4 exchange bitcoin alt coin Exchange your Bitcoin for other cryptocurrencies
5 bitcoin stores in my area Find stores that accept Bitcoin in your area
6 newegg bitcoin Buy electronics with Bitcoin
7 giftcard with bitcoin Buy gift cards with Bitcoin
8 bitpremier bitcoin Buy luxury products and real estate with Bitcoin
9 nordvpn bitcoin proxy Buy a VPN/Proxy with Bitcoin to bypass country blocks on YouTube, Netflix, etc...
10 pizza bitcoin Buy pizza from pizza places around you with Bitcoin

So that, in a nutshell, are the best Bitcoin sites out there for exchanges, wallets, apps, services, and places where you can use your Bitcoin. All these sites have been used me, multiple times, for many years, so you can rest assured that all these sites are 100% legitimate places for you to dip your toes into the whole Bitcoin community.

I hope that this list of bitcoin sites will help you in the future.

If you know of any awesome Bitcoin site, service, app, wallet, or anything else that isn't listed above, we would love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments and we might include them above!

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