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So I've decided that every Friday from now on, I'll will be posting 5 of the most popular or funny viral videos of the week. Come back every Friday to see the newest videos making their mark on the internet.

1) Mariah Carey Throws Like A Girl

2) O'Douls Rap Video

3) Young Hilary Clinton

4) Floating Glass Ball Street Performer

5) Colbert Report: Trailers Destroying America

Happy Viral Video Friday!

By Buttermouth → Friday, May 30, 2008

This fresh looking site has hundreds of working links for movies found online.

It's basically a message board where the members add links to movies in their posts.

They have a tv section too, but most of the action takes place in their respective movie sections.

The great thing about movie link message boards is that you get to see feedback and discussion about all of the links. This makes it easier to find good quality links that actually work.

Free Movie Link Message Board - Movie-Forumz.org

By Buttermouth →

A sweet looking website that has some great movies listed on their frontpage.

It's pretty easy to find a movie that interests you, especially since most of the newest movies are presented to you as soon as you visit this site.

They don't only post new movies, but some of the older ones that we may have forgotten about.

The quality of the films for the most part is decent, and should be at least somewhat watchable.

I personally like this site and hope things continue as they are with this page, because I know I'll be back again.

Thanks to NSR for pointing out this site.

Watch Free Movies Online - MovieReleased

By Buttermouth → Thursday, May 29, 2008
MyFestival - IndieFlix

If your into independent films, then this is a great website to watch some of the best new indie films out there.

There are ten full length movies and ten shorts. Anyone is free to watch and rate the movies to determine the winner of this film contest.

The winners will be shown on the coveted closing night spot of the Seattle International Film Festival.

Check out this site to see to some of the best up and coming film stars and directors.

Watch, Vote, and Share New Indie Films - MyFestival

By Buttermouth → Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A new site that is dedicated to providing people with links to movies that just came out in theaters.

If you just need to watch the newest movie that came out, even though it's probably going to be bad quality, then you might want to try out this site.

You can also find older movies, but the collection is quite small.

Watch Newely Released Movies - Zenetworks

By Buttermouth →


I'm sure a lot of you got your fill of beer last weekend. But did you enjoy the beer you were drinking? Are you looking for something more out of the beer that you drink?

If so, then head on over to Beer Suggest. It's a social community / wiki that has reviews and recommendations for hundreds of beers from around the globe.

After you rate 5 beers, the site will suggest beers that are similar to your tastes. The more beers you rate, the better the suggestions will become. It's now easy to find a beers that you'd like without having to get your drink on.

In case your more of a wine person, cork'd is practically the same type of site except it's just for the vino.

Get Personalized Beer Recommendations @ Beer Suggest.

By Buttermouth → Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A brand new site that focuses on bringing you all the new movies that are coming out in theaters.

So far they've been doing a good job, and surprisingly, the quality of most of the movies they've posted isn't horrendous.

As far as watching the movies go, it's pretty easy. Just find a movie you want to watch and then click on the text link that says "watch it now". After that you'll be taken directly to a page with the movie cut up into watchable parts.

Free New Movies @ LiveNewMovies.com

By Buttermouth → Saturday, May 24, 2008
I recently read an article over at Makeuseof.com that listed "the best places to watch documentaries" online. I will have to respectively disagree with their use of "best" in the title. Some of those sites are good, maybe even great, but they passed over almost all the "best" ones.

Located below are ALL the documentary sites out there right now. I've spent countless hours searching through digg, del.icio.us, google, reddit, etc... trying to find every last site. If you know of a site that isn't listed below, please leave a comment and I will add it to the list.

Enough talking, lets get to the sites;



Complete one stop shop for documentaries


Good selection of interesting documentaries


PBS Frontline Documentaries

67 great PBS documentaries



Large collection with easy navigation


Google Video

A "special" search query on Google video



A large list of documentaries online



Like digg.com but just for documentaries


Best Online Documentaries

Weird design...Good documentaries



Various documentaries found online



Many new interesting documentaries



List of documentary torrents



Huge collection...dead links included



New site thats updated daily with docs



Download popular documentaries



Video downloading application w/ docs



86 random documentaries



Some of the best docs found online

Graboid Video
In case you want an easy way to find a certain documentary or topic on any of these sites, I've added a search engine that searches all of the sites located above.

17 Ways to Watch Free Documentaries Online

By Buttermouth → Thursday, May 22, 2008

All it takes is 60 seconds to find out how well (or not so well) you stack up to other smart people around the world.

This site offers a simplified IQ test that does a pretty good job finding out how smart you are. After you complete the test you can see your "world ranking".

The great thing about this site is that you can compete against people in your area, gender, or age group.

As soon as you enter the website, you'll be logged as a ButterBlog user, and you'll be able to take the quiz and compare how you stack up against other website users.

Take the quiz today, and show the world how smart we (ButterBloggers) all are. So far, we are the 4th smartest website in the world with a IQ of 105. Keep it up!

Overall, this is a pretty sweet way to kill at least 60 seconds of your time.

Think Your Smart? Prove it at IQ League

By Buttermouth → Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Well, by now I'm sure you know what this site does.

Yup, it offers movie links where you can watch some of your favorite movies online for free.

This site also offers direct downloads of each of the movies it posts, which can be really helpful if you want to keep a copy for yourself.

The site design isn't spectacular but it's easy to navigate and see the lastest postings.

Free Movie Downloads and Streaming Links - FreeHitMovies.org

By Buttermouth →


QSS is now back after being shutdown for about two weeks! I've really been missing this site, so it's awesome to see it come back.

QuickSilverScreen (QSS) Is Back Up!

By Buttermouth → Monday, May 19, 2008

If you ever have problems finding songs, then here's a great resource for you.

At BestSongsEver.com, people vote songs up and down, depending on how they like the song. By doing so, this website ends up with a list of more than 1,000 of the top rated songs ever.

The simplicity of the list, makes it easy to spots songs that may interest you.

Let the downloading begin!

The Best Songs Ever Made - BestSongsEver.com

By Buttermouth →

A really simple, blog like site that posts DivX quality movie links.

For each of the movies, you can either download the full movie to enjoy it later, or you can stream it for immediate playback.

The beauty about this site is that every single movie they post is in almost DVD quality. No more wondering what happened or what was said in a cheap cam video. Watch the movies you love in the best quality available.

Thanks to Norman Roberts at NoSubscriptionRequired for pointing out this site.

Download or Stream DivX Movies - DivXMovies.tk

By Buttermouth →
List of Freeware Games

Wikipedia is a great place to brush up on your history or to look up the meanings of a bunch of terms.

One of the best things about Wikipedia is that there are a bunch of lists and tables located inside different articles.

This list has more than a hundred commercial games that have been released as freeware. There are some really awesome games on this list that were once the talk of all gamers, like Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory to some great games from the beginnings of gaming; Alien Carnage.

List of Commercial Freeware Games - Wikipedia

By Buttermouth → Saturday, May 17, 2008

It used to be hard to get a get for someone via a group. I mean someone had to man up and actually buy the gift, and then harass that others in the group to pay up.

Well, things have gotten a lot easier now with the advent of WujWuj.

All it takes is three really easy steps to get your group gift off the ground.

You can choose from thousands of gifts found on amazon.com, and send it along with greeting from the entire group.

Check it out and tell me what you guy think.

Group Gifting Made Easy - WujWuj

By Buttermouth → Friday, May 16, 2008

Just thought I would let everyone know that our #19 Top Movie Website has just gone through a total site redesign.

It should now be easier than ever to find the movies your looking for on this site. It looks extremely professional, almost like a network TV website.

The categories are listed on the top menu of the page, and the newly listed movies are directly in the center.

But one thing I did notice that isn't so good is that there is a long loading time before you first get to the website. But after that, it's smooth sailing.

New Site Re-Design - Online-Movies-Free.com

By Buttermouth → Thursday, May 15, 2008
The Flight of the Conchords are back again! This time they've released a video/song about all the ladies of the world. They really haven't lost their touch.

If you don't know who the FOTC are...they are a duo of comedians that do spoof songs. Last year they got a show on HBO that brought them into popularity.

The video gets kinda weird at the end, but what else would you expect from these guys?

Other Notable FOTC Videos;

New Flight of the Conchords Video - Ladies of the World

By Buttermouth →

Have you ever wanted to be an DJ, or thought you can do a better job DJing than your local radio host?

Then here's your chance. At radionomy you can upload your songs and create a playlist for your own free online radio station. The radio streams 24 hours a day for people to listen to the music you picked.

If you don't want to take the time to create your own station, you can listen to other people's stations too. But there is a drawback if your from the US...currently on Radionomy, there are a lot of foreign (French) stations with music from other countries. This could be a good thing if you want to hear what people in other countries are listening too.

Either way, some of the most popular (English) stations right now include, Laid Back Radio and Mad Ferret. If you still can't find any music you like...why not create your own station so people with your musical tastes can enjoy it?

Create Your Own Music Station - Radionomy

By Buttermouth → Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A simple website that has links to different movies found throughout the internet.

Just click on any of the links, and you'll start watching the movie.

There aren't many dead links, so every link you see should have at least one link that works.

As far as the quality goes, most of the movies are cam versions of the movies, especially with the newer movies.

But they have some of the newest movies posted with working links, which is definitely good in my book.

Free Movie Links - BreakTimeTV

By Buttermouth →

If you've ever wanted to create some beats or music, but never knew how to start...try Hobnox.com

They have real life DJ and production equipment emulated, so that you can create your own music online. I'm not going to say that this is easy, but it's definitely a fun way to pass some time.

Before you get started, I'd recommend watching the video tutorial they have provided. It's a brief overview of some of the things you can do, and how to do them.

Once you get a grasp of the software, you can apply for beta access where you can download the music you create and use it for whatever purposes you want.

Create Music Online For Free - Hobnox.com

By Buttermouth → Tuesday, May 13, 2008

There aren't many places out there to watch sports online...yet. But this site is definitely a step in the right direction.

You can watch free and live sporting events from across the globe with a click of your mouse.

They have dozens of links for each of the live matches, so you can usually find a link that works for you without downloading any addition software.

If not, then your going to have to download either SOPCast or TVAnts. Both of these are live and free streaming sports video players.

But this site does have a fairly large collection of Baseball, Basketball, Cricket, Cycling, Golf, Hockey, Soccer, and Tennis matches...so if your a sports fan then it's definitely worth checking out.

Watch Live Sports Online

By Buttermouth → Monday, May 12, 2008
I came across a crazy video yesterday that shows how scientologists are taking over the city of Clearwater, Florida. They are hiring all the police officers to help patrol their compound and the white lines they have separating their "territory" from public property.

About a third of the way into the video, some crazy stuff starts happening. They have real life footage of scientologists physically attacking and verablly abusing the people trying to spread the truth about them.

You can find the original video, by clicking here. Or watch below;

Scientologists Gone Wild

By Buttermouth →

A great website thats been around for a couple years that lets people play multi player games on computers, cell phones, pda's, and any other internet enabled device.

They currently have 20 games available to play. They add new games every so often so it's worth it to check the website for new games.

One of the best features of this website is that you can embed their games so people on your web page or blog can play against each other.

Look below for an example of this. I've chosen to embed battleships where opponents place different sized ships on a board and try to sink their opponents ships.

Give it a try; http://buttermouth.com/battleships.html

Free Multiplayer Games for Any Device - Geewa.com

By Buttermouth → Sunday, May 11, 2008

Here's a really simple way to find free music and lyrics on the internet.

Like pretty much all other mp3 search engines, just enter a artist or song title to get started. You'll see a list of songs that match your query.

If your running out of ideas on what to download, you can also browse the popular tags and find something there that interests you.

The thing that differentiates this site from the other sites I've posted is that you can quickly change the search results so that they include lyrics.

This makes it easy to find and download a song that you like but can't remember the song title.

Find Free Music and Lyrics - DesMP3.com

By Buttermouth →

Here's another website that enables you to search for specific songs and download them.

It's pretty simple to use. Like all other music search engines, just search for a specific song or artist. You'll then be able to stream and download the tracks.

Dorble.com advertised their site as being legal, but I'm not sure if that can be true...especially since you can download the songs.

In case your looking for a good and 100% legal alternative, check out our list of websites where you can stream and download music legally.

Stream and Download Music for Free - Dorble.com

By Buttermouth → Friday, May 9, 2008

A simple site that allows you to watch the hottest movies online.

There's not much of a navigation to this site, so your only real option to finding movies is looking at the list of new additions.

Just click on the screenshot of the movie, and you'll be taken directly to the movie and you can start watching it immediately.

I did encounter a couple of dead links, so be forewarned. As far as the quality goes, the newer the film is the worse the quality is going to be.

Watch Free Movies Online - MovieLab.tv

By Buttermouth → Thursday, May 8, 2008

Here's a good message board that specializes in free movie and tv show links.

The movies are sorted by the year they were released. Just click on a year, and you'll see hundreds of topics (movie links).

They are really good at updating the site so that it includes all the newest movies.

If you've been trying to watch a new movie, but weren't able to find it anywhere. This is another good site to check.

Free Online Movie Link Message Board - VideoFreakz

By Buttermouth →
This morning I awoke to this screen to my left. QuickSilverScreen has been accused of copyright infringement and has been forced to shut down!

Even though the owners promise that the site will be up within a couple of days, I guess we have to wait and see.

If I remember correctly, Fox accused QuickSilverscreen (QSS) of the same thing about a year ago. It was then that they had to move their servers to Malaysia.

Now, the Malaysian government has told the hosts of QSS to shutdown their servers.

I loved this site and would like nothing more than to see it come back. But if they aren't able to operate in Malaysia, then I'm not sure there is another place in the world that they can do so. (Canada?)

One thing I found interesting about the note left by the owners, is that they said they were falsely accused of copyright infringement. I can understand the "Google, Megavideo, and Veoh host them, and we just point to them argument", but QSS was one of the largest uploaders of content on those video hosts. How do I know? Well, it's easy to see who uploaded it when it says "quicksilverscreen.com" in large font on the bottom of videos.

This marketing scheme might have been the downfall of QSS as it clearly implicates them in uploading pirated material on the web.

But, I really hope that this IS NOT the case and QSS returns. That site was really the bomb.

In case your looking for more sites like QuickSilverScreen, then click here to see our Top 25 Websites for Free Movies.

Quick Silver Screen Shut Down for Copyright Infringment

By Buttermouth → Wednesday, May 7, 2008

If your into Anime, then your going to love this site.

It has dozens of full length animes available to watch for free.

It's pretty simple to use too, just go to the site and pick which anime you want to watch.

I'm not the biggest fan of anime, so I can't say for certain that it has all the “favorites”. But to me it looks likes like they have enough anime to keep any fan busy for months.

Free Anime Online - AnimeThat

By Buttermouth → Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Well, the summer travel season is coming up. In case you needs some ideas on where to go or what to do...try NileGuide.

They currently have some great travel guides for over 30 US destinations and 40 other international cities.

For each city they have top rated activities, hotels, restaurants, nightlife, and basic city information and statistics.

Of course you can try one of the bigger websites like; TripAdvisor, Travel Buddies, Travel Channel, or Schmap. Either way, NileGuide still has some interesting information about 70 of the most popular vacation destinations.

Personalized Travel Recommendations - NileGuide

By Buttermouth → Monday, May 5, 2008
"Be A Blog Star, Part 1" is the latest in MediaBistro's attempts to get money from unsuspecting bloggers.

Scene 1: Bullshit enters stage left.

No matter how good the advice may be, MediaBistro can't expect much return from this kind of ploy. Sure the content may be well done (we're not going to spend the $15 to find out, because that money is much better spent on things like rent), but no matter how good it is, it all depends on the fervor of the blogger.

I was recently speaking with Don Steele, a digital marketing at Comedy Central, who hires a lot of bloggers to fill in the content space on ComedyCentral.com. He reminded me that THERE IS NO FORMULA FOR BECOMING A SUCCESSFUL BLOGGER.

Think of it this way. If everyone tried to make burgers like McDonld's does, the market would be saturated with shitty, fattening burgers that all taste the same.

FunyonJunior's advice - take anything you have to pay for with a grain of salt. Stick with simple SEO tricks and collaboration with other bloggers. You'll increase your readership and keep your originality.

And there's nothing better than that - in a world of cookie cutter content.

FunyonJunior, Out.

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Be A Blog Star, Part 1: MediaBistro's Latest Crap, Served Hot!

By VanHoven →

When you first visit Friv.com the first thing you'll see are all 200 games that are available. Just click on any of the icons, and you'll start playing the game.

They games range from sports to action, and everything in between.

Friv uses a "one in...one out" technique when determining which games to show on their front page. When a new game is posted, the least popular game from the 200 is dropped.

Because of this technique, you can be sure that the 200 games on the front page, are the best games that Friv has posted.

Only The Best Free Games: Friv.com

By Buttermouth → Sunday, May 4, 2008

Here's another simple website that lets you find and listen to free streaming music on the web.

It's powered Seeqpod, so it provides some pretty good results.

All you need to do is search for a title or song, and then either play the songs individually or save them to playlists for future listening.

Search, Stream, and Save Streaming Music - Streamzy

By Buttermouth →