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How to Swear 100 Ways in 20 Different Foreign Languages

By Buttermouth Friday, April 25, 2008
Over the years, I've been "trading" swears with people that speak different languages than me. It always starts off innocent like...asking a French person what "f you" is in French. But after a while the conversation tends to get a little bit crazy.

That's because each country has a few swears that don't really make that much sense in English. These swears tend to be the funniest and most useful of the whole conversation. Like for would you feel if a someone told you to pull them backwards in a bird cage?

I dunno about you, but I'd probably be very confused.

So that's why I've decided to list the 100 best swears that I've encountered over my travels. Have fun...but remember to swear responsibly.

PLEASE READ: A lot of what's listed below is EXTREMELY offensive. People under the age of 18 or those without a sense of humor SHOULD NOT continue reading. Ye be warned.

100 Swears / 20 Languages:
  1. Busu [Extremely ugly girl]
  2. Kintama [Golden balls]
  3. Kisama [Lord of the donkeys]
  4. Urusai Gakia [Shut up brat]
  5. Pai Pai [Breasts, nipples]

  1. Tu me fais chier [You are pissing me off]
  2. Ttourne enculer les mouces [Go fuck a cow]
  3. Ta mère est une salope [Your mother is a bitch]
  4. Va te tripoter [Go tinker with yourself]
  5. Tabarnaque, calisse de marde [Fuck, fucking shit]

  1. Dummes huhn [Stupid chicken]
  2. Fick mich [Fuck me]
  3. Himmeldonnerwetter [Heaven thunder weather]
  4. Arschgesicht [Ass face]
  5. Schwanzlutscher [Cock sucker]

  1. Mishugena [Freak]
  2. Hutzpa [Balls (lot of nerve)]
  3. Teonen al tmuna shel kalba [Do masturbate on a dogs picture]
  4. Nod [Fart]
  5. Noshech kariot [Pillow biter]

  1. Is dócha nach bhfuil seans ar bith ann [I suppose a ride is out of the question?]
  2. Cailleach [Old hag, witch]
  3. Is cuma liom sa diabhal [I don't give a damn]
  4. Marbhfháisc ort [A shroud on you]
  5. Go stróice an diabhal thú [May the worms eat you]

  1. No Skuche ala Gats [What the fuck do you want from my balls?]
  2. Cazzo vai via stronzo [Shit, get out of here jerk]
  3. li mortacci tua [To your dead relative]
  4. Vai a morire ammazzato [Go and die murdered]
  5. Figlio di puttana [Son of a whore]

  1. Nikomak [Fuck your mother]
  2. Elif air ab tizak [A thousand dicks in your ass!]
  3. Gahba [Bitch]
  4. Aha [Shit]
  5. Sharmoota haygana [Horny bitch]

  1. Dormi mecum [Sleep with me]
  2. Orcae ita [Hells yeah]
  3. Spucatum tauri [Bull shit]
  4. Irrumator [Bastard]
  5. Flocci non facio [I don't give a damn]

  1. Mo [Derogatory for a Moroccan]
  2. Malik kahell [Your king is a Black (insult)]
  3. Woodla halum [Allah wills it]
  4. Mook kebba [Your mother is a whore]
  5. Inta shaz [You're a perv]

  1. Beshoor [No brained]
  2. Kosefil [Elephant's cunt]
  3. Kos-khol [Sex crazy]
  4. An damagh [Booger]
  5. Khange khodah [Screw-up of god]

  1. Spieprzaj [Piss off]
  2. Zajebiste [Fucking awesome]
  3. Odpierdol sie chuju bo ci zapierdole [Fuck off you dick or I'll fuck you up]
  4. Jebiesz jeze [You fuck hedgehogs]
  5. Zjechać na ręcznym [Have a hand job]

  1. Zaebal [You have bored me a lot]
  2. Kor-rovie khuy-ee [You mother sucks cow dicks]
  3. Ya eemay-you o-chen balshoy jol-ty hoy [I have a big yellow dick]
  4. Tebya ne ebut, ti ne podmakhivai [Mind your own fucking business]
  5. Yob tvoiu mat [Fuck your mother]

  1. Jeg spretta søstra di mens den tilbakestående faren din sto bak og fumlet med ballene mine [I stretched your sisters ass while your retarded dad stood behind me and fumbled my balls]
  2. Fis [Long, soundless, and smelly fart]
  3. Dra meg baklengs inn i fuglekassa [Pull me backwards into the bird cage (comparable to "are you kidding?")]
  4. Runknisse [Wanking gnome]
  5. Javisst, enda en norsk kuksuger, akkurat det vi trenger [Great, another Norwegian cocksucker, just what we needed]

  1. Me cago en ti [I shit over you]
  2. Hijo de mil putas [Son of thousand bitches]
  3. Hueles a mierda [You smell like shit]
  4. Pinche [Fucking (swear amplifier)]
  5. La reputisima madre que te remil pario [The bitch that had you bore a thousand times]

  1. Gayn cacken ofn yam [Go shit in the ocean]
  2. Putz [Dickhead]
  3. Yutz [Asshole]
  4. Schlemeil [Always spills his soup]
  5. Schlmazel [Person who the soup is spilt on]

  1. Gotsan drewllyd [Smelly fanny]
  2. Cachu bant ti cachu mes [Fuck off you sheep-shagger]
  3. Bronnau fel bryniau Eryri [Tits like the mountains of Snowdon]
  4. Ffwcia oma & Cachau bant [Fuck off]
  5. Dos i chwarae efo dy nain [Go fuck your granny]

  1. ie de wang viestie dagoe [you're a vilty dog]
  2. boelen [fuckin' in the ass]
  3. krasi [horny]
  4. Yu ma pangpang [your mothers cunt]
  5. bos mie baanaa [kiss my dick]

  1. Dinf far tagen den i røven(roeven) [Your father takes it up the arse]
  2. Du er pisse irriterende [You're a pain in the arse]
  3. Klam [Disgustingly ugly]
  4. Dø(doe)dit fede pikfjæs(pikfjaes) [Die you fat cock-head]
  5. For fanden da også(ogsaa) [Oh for fucks sake]
  1. Chces mrdat? (ksesh mrrdat?) [Do you want to fuck?]
  2. Do prdele!, kurva! [General curse]
  3. Mrdat, prcat [Very dirty words for "fuck," - used only by the lowest people (whores, thugs, etc.)]
  4. Sakra [Damn]
  5. Hovno [Dung]

  1. Smerige kankerhoer [Dirty cancer-suffering ho]
  2. Val dood vuile kankerhoer [Drop dead stupid cancer hooker]
  3. Apenaaier [Monkey-fucker]
  4. Kutwijf [Literally cunt-bitch]
  5. Ik laat een scheet in jouw richting [I fart in your direction]

FROM THE COMMENTS (unverified translations):

21. FILIPINO (Thanks to still.undead)
  1. Putangina mo [your mother is a whore]
  2. Hindot ka [you fuckhead or fuck you]
  3. Tae mo [literal: your shit; figurative: i don't believe you, shithead]
  4. Pukingina mo or plain Kingina [cunt of your mother]
  5. Pesteng ulupong [you accursed snake]

22. PORTUGUESE (Thanks to Kika)
  1. Vai para o caralho [go to the dick (it means "fuck you" though)]
  2. Vai ver se está a chover [go see if it's raining (get lost!)]
  3. Vai para a puta que te pariu [Go to the whore that gave birth to you (very offensive)]
  4. Estou-me a cagar para ti! [I'm shitting to you.]
  5. Vai tomar no cú [go drink in the asshole]
  6. vai te fuder [go fuck yourself]
  7. filho da puta [son of a bitch]

MORE FRENCH (thanks go to LaurentSauvagnac)

  1. putain de bordel de merde [holy fucking shit]
  2. Sa mère la pute [mother whore]
  3. Enculé d'sa mère [mother fuck]
  4. oh la vache [holy cow]
EVEN MORE FRENCH (thank to Cindy~)
  1. Va chier: go fuck yourself
  2. Mange de la marde: eat shit
  3. Tu es une ostie de salope: you're a fucking whore
  4. Enfant de chienne: son of a bitch
  5. Trou du cul (but we prounounce "trou d'cul): asshole
  6. Mange ma raie: eat my ass
  7. Salope, pute: whore
  8. Mange ma graine: eat my dick

23. Indonesian (thanks Anon)
  1. Ngentot ko [Fuck You]
  2. Kontol! [You dick!]
  3. Pukimak [Your mother's cunt]
  4. Babilah kau [You pig]
  5. Mampus kau [You die]

24. Turkish (thanks Turk)
  1. Gotunu sikerim [I will fuck your ass]
  2. Yarrak [Penis]
  3. Pic cocuk [Bastard child]
  4. Bin yarrak gotune girsin! [a thousand penises go in your ass]

If you know any interesting swears in languages other than English, feel free to post them in the comments... otherwise that's it. Thanks for reading!

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133 Comments " How to Swear 100 Ways in 20 Different Foreign Languages "


1)- Vai para o caralho-go to the dick (it means "fuck you" though)

2)- Vai ver se está a chover-go see if it's raining (get lost!)

3)-Vai para a puta que te pariu- Go to the whore that gave birth to you (very offensive)

4)-Estou-me a cagar para ti!- I'm shitting to you.



Tagalog and/or Filipino (one of the languages of the Philippines):

1) Putangina mo (your mother is a whore)

2) Hindot ka (you fuckhead or fuck you)

3) Tae mo (literal: your shit; figurative: i don't believe you, shithead)

4) Pukingina mo or plain Kingina (cunt of your mother)

5) Pesteng ulupong (you accursed snake)

Unknown August 15, 2008 at 7:53 PM

More :

French :

Va t'faire foutre! : Go fuck yourself

Brazilian portuguese:

Vai tomar no cu! : Go fuck yourself

Argentinian spanish:

Andate a la concha de tu hermana! : Go to your sister's pussy



Indonesian (Medanite accent):

1. Ngentot ko: Fuck You

2. Kontol! : You dick!

3. Pukimak : Your mother's cunt

4. Babilah kau : You pig

5. Mampus kau : You die



Gotunu sikerim: I will fuck your ass

Yarrak: Penis

Pic cocuk: Bastard child

Bin yarrak gotune girsin!: a thousand penises go in your ass


Your Japanese #4 is totally wrong...
It doesn't even follow basic Japanese word structure..
'Ahraywah ohmankogah skeeda: I enjoy pussy very much'

Ahraywah- does NOT exist, because every consonant except N is paired with a vowel...
ohmankogah- same as above...'oh'cant be...
Just thought i would let ya know, maybe its a different language.


1st of all Mara in Arabic only means woman and doesnt mean a bitch as mentioned above
Arabic :
Gahba = bitch
Koss Omak (middleeastern arabic) = ur mumz pussy
Zak omok ( North african arabic ) = ur mumz pussy

North African Berber :

Yahlol ingkamez ingkooz yatjeek = My dick is in ur sister'z pussy
Yahlol ingkamez ingkooz wiltmak = My dick is in ur mum'z pussy

Urdu : ( not sure about da spelling)
Terrey marrie pudhehey = ur mumz pussy
Terrey pappy lollihe = ur dadz dick

Unknown December 13, 2008 at 7:46 PM

Thesse in portuguese are all wrong ¬¬... iv lived in brazil my hole life and iv never heard the first second or fourth...

Vai tomar no cú = go drink in the asshole

vai te fuder = go fuck yourself

filho da puta = son of a bitch

Desgraçado = .. i dont really know how to translate


More Norwegian:

Spis drit = eat shit
Fitte = cunt
pul deg selv i ræven = fuck yourself in the ass
horebukk = manwhore
morra di = your mama
du kan suge kuken min ren etter jeg har penetrert rumpehullet ditt = you can suck my dick clean after I have penetrated your asshole

Luis-Manuel Garcia January 18, 2009 at 2:07 PM


Don't forget this one:

"Nik ta mère!" (alternate spelling, "nique ta mère") = fuck your mom.

This uses a borrowed verb, "nik", from Arabic, which is a very strong version of "fuck." In certain parts of Paris, you can't even use this phrase ironically or jokingly, so strong is its offensiveness.



Vaffanculo - Go fuck yourself

Irish Gaellic:

Pog mo thoin - kiss my ass


Italians are funny. I also like how "A thousand dicks in your ass" is an insult in Arabic.

In Malay.

Pukimak kau: Your mother's pussy, which could also mean, go fuck yourself,

Pergila mampus: Go kill yourself. or, I dont give a damn


funny, funny stuff. i'm grinning just looking at SOME of it. study on.


Sorry but in Italian there's nothing like 'No Skuche ala Gats' (none of these is an Italian word...)

You can anyway replace it with:

'Lèvati dai coglioni' (Get off my balls)
'Cazzo vuoi?' (What the fuck do you want?)
'In culo a'soreta' (in your sister's ass)


Slovak Swears:

Kurva - Bitch
Bastard - Bastard
Pojebaný zkurvysyn - fucking some of a bitch
Hovädo - a bit more than stupid bull
Debil - stupid man


In Hindi.........

Madarchut - Mother fucker
Behenchut - fuck your own sister
Gaandu - Asshole
Chut - pussy
Laura - Dick


In Lithuanian

Don't know if you guys be able to pronounce these swears...

Uzhsipysk - go fuck yourself
Gaidys - this one is used to call a MAN a bitch
Kurva - This one is used to call a WOMAN a bitch or slut
Pisau tave - i've fucked you
Nuopisa - This one is used to call a man or a woman a fuck.
Pisau tavo motina - I have fucked your mother
Chiulpk BIBI ['i' letters are pronounced the same way as in english word 'sister'] - Suck my dick
Pydaras - fucking gay

The most popular swears in Lithuania are came from Russia. Here are a few examples:

Pashol nahui - go fuck yourself
Dalbajobas - fuckhead
zhertva - life's or current situation's victom, in a bad way off course.


Pussy:Oxx[Used As Someone Stupid]
Go Fuck Yourself:Mur Inhexa
Fuck Your Mom:Foxx Ommok
Fuck You:Foxx Kemm Andek


Moroccan arabic:

taboon omak : ur mom's pussy

hak zebi : here play with my dick

sir thouwa azzamel: go fuck yourself u fag

huwit omak: i fucked ur mom

double o's are stressed


As for the Italian:
Some simple funny ones.
Face = Jerk
(Pronounced just as it looks in english.)
Faccia brut = ugly face, or just ugly.
Strega = witch (Also a very good Wine. ;)
Also, depending where you're from, you can use
Femmina, for bitch.
Those words No Skuche ala Gats does have a meaning actually. It's a very very loose translation that's listed though. It's Italian, but of Neapolitan dialect, basically slang.


how about some swears form Romania

1. Sugi pula : suck cock
2. Fut pe maica ta: I fuck your mother
3. Cacatul dracu: devil's shit
4. Fututi Pastele Ma-ti: Fuck your mothers Easter
5. Pizda lu soacra ta: your mother in law's cunt


Romanian swears
1.Sugi pula da cocalaru dreacu[suck a cock U fucking beggar]
2.te fut in cur pa tine si pa mata[i ufkc U and yer mother in the asshole]
3.Mata e o curva beata si idioata care face laba la camionanagii[yer mother is a drunken whore that does handjobs to truck drivers]
4.iti fut to neamu in cur[I fuck your hole family]
5.imi bag pula in gatu lu mata si lu soacrata[I stick my dick in your mother's and mother's in law throat]



DUTE IN PIZDA MATII = go into your mother cage

Unknown April 1, 2009 at 6:34 PM

In spanish(Venezuelan):

coño de tu madre= your mother'z pussy
marica/marico= fag
puta= whore
perra= bitch
zorra= slut
anda y cojete a tu madre= go fuck your mother
pinga= dick
verga= dick
concha= pussy
huevón= big dick or asshole( u can also use to say: very stupid guy)
huevona= asshole (u can use it to say: very stupid girl)
poncha= pussy
maldición= damm
maldito= damm it!
me di un coñazo= i hit myself
mierda= shit
mamahuevo= suck dick
mámamelo= suck my dick
jalabola= brown nose
arrecho= (in a good way) awesome
arrecho= (bad word) fuckin' awesome
pene= dick
cuca= pussy
lamecuca= pussy licker
tetas= tits
gallo= dumb ass
pollo= dumb ass
gafo= dumb
maldito huevón vete a cojer a tu madre= fuckin' asshole go fuck your mother

[email protected]


En québécois: Va dont chier mon tabarnak
(it means; Fuck off piece of shit)


Urdu Curse Words:

Sit on this! : Lun Pay Churrh

Homosexual: Gaandoo

Motherfucker: Maanchod

Sisterfucker: Bhanchod

Son-of-a-Bitch: Kooti kay Buchay


In spanish from Spain.

Me cago en tus muertos=I shit on your dead relatives.

Que te den por el culo con una caña rajada= May they fuck you in the ass with a split reed.

Me cago en el coño de tu puta madre= I shit on your bitchy mother's pussy.

Me cago en los clavos de cristo, en el coño de la virgen y en la sangre de dios= I shit on the nails of Christ, on the virgin's pussy and on God's blood.


homo - gay
moederneuker - motherfucker
klootzak - asshole
hoer - whore
Kankerleier - Noob with cancer (very disturbing, I know).
Hoerenzoon - Son of a whore/bitch
Flikker - fucker
neuken - to fuck
lubberkut - "lubber"pussy (Very stretched out old granny pussy).
Eikel - fucker (as well)


Serbian :

Kurac! - [Dick]

Picko jedna - [You pussy]

Jebi se! - [Fuck you!]

Pushi mi kurac! - [Suck my dick!]

Mamu ti jebem raspalu - [I fuck your decomposed mother]

Kakva si bulja - [You`re such an ass]

Picka ti se ogadila - [I wish that you become disgusted by vagina]

Da bog da crko - [I ask god that you die]

Jebacu te zardjalom shipkom - [I`ll fuck you with a rusted pole]

Picka ti materina seljacka - [Your peasant mother is a whore.]

Jebacu te u cmar dok ne prokrvarish - [I`ll fuck you in the ass until you bleed.]

Gledaj kako ti jebem paraplegicnu sestru dok mi tvoja gubava keva titra muda i tvoj celavi cale drka tvom hepatiticnom bratu. - [Watch as i fuck your paraplegic sister while your mother tickle my balls and your dad jerks off your hepatitis infected brother.]

Da bog se saplitao preko inficiranog kurca svog mrtvog caleta dok tvoja gubava keva ne podmazanim dildom trpa tvog anemicnog brata u bulju i tera ga da krvari dok on gleda tebe kroz kljucaonicu.

- [I pray to god that you trip over and over your dead fathers infected dick until your mother imports a non lubricated dildo into your anemic brothers ass and making him bleed while he is watching you trough the rusted keyhole.]


the dutch swearing is all correct,some more:
tyfuslijer(you've got typhus),teringmongool(sick mongol),vuile berberaap(filthy berbermonkey,used to insult maroccans)schijtturk(poop turk,common name when talking about turks)achterlijke pinguin(retarded penquin,used as a common name for muslim women)Brown knight(for gays)less than a pig(for all nonwhites)dubbeltjeshoer(pennywhore for
colored women)


γαμω την μανα σου(i fuck your mother)
γαμω το σπιτι σου(i fuck your home)
μιναρα(asshole)used only in patra
αι γαμησου(go fuck yourself)

the most comonly used word is μαλακας each greek person uses it at least 100times per day(i'm serious!!!)


Mexican Spanish:

Métete el dedo: put your finger in your ass)
Vete a la verga: go to the dick
Hijo de tu reputísima madre: Son of your fucking bitch mother
Vete a la chingada: go to the hell
Mamame la verga: suck my fucking dick
Chúpame el pito: suck my dick
Tu puta madre: you fucking mother
Chinga a tu madre: fuck your mother
Cabrón de mierda: you piece of shit asshole
Pendejo: asshole / very stupid (very offensive)

and so on...


More dutch for you lol.

Aambeimusketier - Literally hemorroidmuskateer (Offensive, lol)

Lelijk vet zwijn - Ugly fat pig

Schaamhaarvlechter - Twiner of pubic hair ( Offensive, crazy as it sounds )

Ga je moeder pijpen - Go and give your momma a bj

Schapenneukende kankersnol - Sheepfucking cancer bitch


Hungarian :
Kurva nyádat- your mother is a whore
Bazdmeg - fuck you
leszarom- fuck it
seggfej- asshole
szopj le! - suck my dick
pina- cunt



Sheni dedas Shevetsi!- Fuck Your Mother

Sheni gamzrdeli deda movtyan!- Fuck the mother that raised you!

Chagajvi dedis mutelshi- i shit in your mother's vagina



jebem ti mater - i´m fucking your mom
pusi mi kurac - blow my cock
aj u picku materinu - crawl back into your moms pussy
popi govno - drink shit
pedercina - fag

semper June 12, 2009 at 4:50 AM

hi there,

the german word you post are not so used over here.
And if you say "fick mich - fuck me" it is more like a invitation. in that case you better say "fick dich - fuck you"

more german words:

Du Hurensohn - you son of a bitch!
Du Opfer - you victim (commonly used in berlin)
Leck mich am Arsch - lick my ass

grazza June 12, 2009 at 6:20 PM

German insult -
deine eltern sind geswischter - your parents are brother and sister.


The first two are only used in American films when someone's pretending to speak Hebrew.
Never heard the 3rd one in my life (although grammatically correct...)
the other two aren't really swearwords, are they?
So here's some commonly used ones instead:
1. Zonna - bitch
2. Ben Zonna - son of a bitch
3. Manyak - wanker (not literally)



haista vittu=fuck you
ime munaa=suck my cock
vedä käteen=go fuck yourself


hye chirez pleecho- dick through the shoulder
blat- shit
balaha myha- shitty fly
zopa- ass

Unknown June 21, 2009 at 8:40 AM

There's a couple of mistakes on the Portuguese (PT-PT) version:

- Vai-te foder! (always writen with an U - not an O. Literally Go Fuck Yourself; used as Fuck Off!)
- Vai levar no cú! (the verb is LEVAR and not TOMAR. Literally Take It Up The Ass; used as Fuck Off).

Joe Lawrence

Dude when I looked up schwanzlutscher on , it said...



malay (north borneon dialect)

pukima - your mom's pussy
amput anjing la - go fuck a dog
toli kau la - your penis
kaki amput - fucker
jilat pantat anjing - go lick a dog's ass
pigi la makan tai - eat shit
pengamput pantat - ass fucker


This article is NICE! Come to the Philippines to experience saying it all to someone who wouldnt really bother fighting back. Its because swearing is a hobby, a way of life, a part of conversation for Filipinos.


Sri lankan.. Sinhalese

Wesige putha - Son of a whore

Pakaya - Fucker

Kari balla - You Dog's sperm

Ponnaya - Shemale

Ballige putha - Son of a bitch

Hutha - Pussy

Huthige putha - Son of a pussy

Hukapan Kariya - Fuck yr sperm

Arinawa Puke - Fuck yr Ass


Pitin(Whore, prostitute)
Likitorma(Mum's pussy)
Cacaliki(pussy shit)
Bour torma(Fuck your mom)
Macro(Does everyones works)
Bibid(Breasts + massive tits)

Thunax July 18, 2009 at 11:51 AM


I done that to my mother Philipino
Because i am one.

She grounded me for 3 years.



aint it funny how at the bottom of this page it says You want to comment on this article?
If you don't swear or spam, your comment stays. Easy as that.

Feel free to promote your website, just don't spam.

yet every comment more or less has swearing


CIBAI - pussy



Some of the italian is wrong like Che cazzo vuoi dalla mia palle = what the fuck do you want from my balls. Cazzo vai via stronzo = fucking asshole go away. al tuo parente morto = to your dead relative, Vai a morire ammazzato = jump to die murdered and the last one is right Figlio di puttana = son of a bitch.


vuile vieze kanker gesmeerde klootzak -
that means...
dirty disgusting cancer smeered asshole

in dutch :)

FUCK YOU means....what it means



Sa Te Fut -- Fuck you
Sugi Pula -- Suck my dick
Futu-ti morti matii -- Fuck your mother's dead relatives (very dirty)


in bahasa indonesia is


2.TIMTSOS LI (only to male gender)-SUCK ME

7.pidarok(gay in a nice way))))
8.suca -bitch suchara-bitch
and more..............))))


Portuguese, well, I'm not 100% sure it's all correct, but i think it could give you a little help

>Vai pro inferno = Go to hell
>Foda-se = fuck it
>Chupa meu pau = suck my dick
>Chupa minhas bolas = suck my balls
>Filho da puta = son of a bitch
>Caralho! = cock(but in a surprise form)

Isaab September 29, 2009 at 1:35 PM

Dutch: Apen naaier, isn't really used. and Ik laat een scheet in jouw richting. Isn't at all.
Teringlijer is. which literally means person suffering from TB.
Tyfuslijer is literally person suffering from typhoid.
(we use diseases a lot)
you kan also replace lijer with hoer. (lijer is pronounced lier but with a more open y-sound and hoer is hoor (as in book))
Godverdomme is literally god damn me.
g's are pronounced like the scottish loch. with flem)

Isaab September 29, 2009 at 2:34 PM

To whoever said how funny that a thousand penises in your ass is an insult in arabic... that's because the Qur'an states that it is forbidden to be gay. Man and Woman are made for eachother, that is the way Allah desires it. If someone is gay and muslim they are often shamed from their families and kicked out from their mosque.. it's quite sad really.



[sorban a tolakodónak]: Anyád elé állj be az auswitzi menetoszlopban! – (to queue-jumpers): Stand in a line before your mother on the road to Auswitz!

[buszon a tolakodónak ]Anyádat lökdösd a halálos ágyán! – (to a pusher on the bus): Push your mother on her deathbed!

Szarjál sünt! - Shit hedgehogs!

Szedjél hangyát boxkesztyűben!! - Pick up ants in boxing-gloves!

Az Isten az ótvaros faszát gyűrje bele! - May God push his scabby cock into him/her/it!

Nőjön köröm a faszodon! - Have a toenail grown on your knob!

Egyenesedjen ki az EKG-d! - Have your ECG line flat!

Szorult volna anyádba a fejed. - Whish your head had stuck into your mother.

Fullattál volna meg a magzatvizbe. – Wish you had drowned in the amniotic fluid.

Baszd meg anyád a ravatalon! – Fuck your mother on her bier.

A rák egyí ki a tüdödet reggelre. – Have your lungs eaten up by cancer for breakfast!

Hogy isten fosson szembe! – May God shit into your eyes!

Ó, hogy a villám vágna dauert ahajadba! – May the lightning get your hair permed!

A hullák faszáról szopd le az izzadtságot! – Suck sweats from corpses’ pricks!

Én lennék az apád ha a kutya nem előz meg a lépcsőn! – Had a dog not been faster going upstairs, I were your father now.


More curse words in Portuguese PT

Paneleiro = Sissy
Cabrão = Asshole
Chupa-mos = Suck my balls
Vai te masturbar = go masturbate yourself
Cona = Pussy
Enfia o dedo no cu e cheira = Put your finger in the ass and smell it
Foda-se = Fuck it
Vai à merda, porra! = Go shit yourself, you dick!
Puteiro = Whorehouse
Eu enfio um espanador na bunda e saio fantasiado de Carmen Miranda = Don't really know how to translate....
Punheteiro = Masturbator


In English

Fuck you ASS HOLE means thanks for cuttin me off learn how to drive


In French

Dick head = tete de bite


In German you'd never say Dummes Huhn [Stupid chicken]- although it is gramatically correct. You'd rather say "Dumme Kuh" [stupid cow], but it's rather "soft".
what is also often used
- Penner [bummer, dipshit]
- Wichser [~motherfucker, also literally it means s.o. who jerks off]
- Arschloch [asshole]
- Schlampe [Bitch]


how about some greek ones?

correction to the fellow greek above "paparas" means bollockhead lol

anyway im typing them in greeklish so you can actually pronounce them

malakas = asshole
ai gamisu = go fuck yourself
sou gamo ti mana = i fuck your momma
mounodoulos = pussy whipped
mouni -pussy
putsa =dick
arhidia =bollocks

and alot of other stuff i think are too harsh to even type and yes the fellow greek is not kidding we do use malakas 100 times a day we actuallt great ppl saying " hey asshole whats up"


more brazilian portuguese:
vai pro inferno (go to hell)
vai catar coquinho (go collect some coconuts)
putinha de merda (bitch of shit)
viado;baitola;bixa (gay, homosexual, faggot)


Insults in Hungarian:

Egy fogad legyen és az is fájjon! - Have no tooth but one and have it aching.

Olyan csúnya voltál kiskorodban, hogy anyad bottal piszkalt az inkubátorban! - You were such an ugly baby that your mother touched you with a sick in the incubator.

Vidd innen a rohadt narancsbőrös löttyedt picsádat! - Move your fucking flabby cellulite ass!

A hollo szarjon a mellyedre, mikor a szemeden dolgozik. - Have a crow shit on your chest while it’s playing with your eyes.

Akkor vegyék el a villanyt, amikor a szívit mûtik! - Have a power cut during your heart surgery.

Annyi eszed van, mint egy marék szárított lepkének. - You’ve so much brains as a handful of dried butterflies.

Olyan csúnya vagy, hogy anyad telefonon szoptatott. - You’re so ugly that your mother breast-fed you on the phone.

Ha olyan messze laknál, mint amilyen hülye vagy, sose érnél haza. - If you lived so far away as dumb you are, you’d never get home.

Olyan csúnya, hogy az oroszlán is sírva enné meg. - You’re so ugly that a lion couldn’t eat you without crying.

Ó, hogy a ló nyalja meg azt a meztelen szemedet! - Have a horse licking your nude eyeballs.

Olyan hülye vagy, hogy görbíted a teret. - Your stupidity bends space.

Olyan csúnya, hogy kiskorában csúzlival etették. - You’re so ugly that you were fed with a catapult.

Öregem, te egy igen komoly érv vagy az abortusz mellett. - You are a really good argument for abortion.

Olyan csúnya vagy, hogy a pap vizipisztollyal keresztelt. - You’re so ugly that you were baptized with a water pistol.

Olyan büdös vagy, hogy a borz sírva kéri a receptet! - You’re so smelly that skunks ask you for a recipe.

Hogy kerülsz ide? Valaki nyitva hagyta a ketrecedet? - What are you doing here? Did someone leave your cage open?

Ha nekem ilyen fejem lenne, egész nap csak püfölném! - If I had a head like yours, I’d be beating it day and night.

Olyan az orrod, mint egy vak ács hüvelykujja! - Your nose looks like the thumb of a blind carpenter.

Úgy nézel ki, mintha egy hentes lett volna a plasztikai sebészed. - Your plastic surgeon was a butcher, wasn’t he?

Ha nekem ilyen arcom lenne, mint neked, beperelném anyámat! - If I had a face like yours, I’d sue my mother.

Te elrontottad az életed amikor élve születtél. - You screwed up your life when you were born alive.

Sajnálom édesanyádat, hogy gyereket várt oszt te jöttél. - I feel sorry for your mum to have given birth to you instead of a baby.

Olyan karikalábad van, hogy bumerángon kell vasalni az alsógatyád. - You’re so much bow-legged that your pants need to be ironed on a boomerang.

Olyan csúnya vagy, hogy amikor megszülettél az orvos sírt fel először. - You’re so ugly that when you were born the doctor cried first

Hívjon az öcséd Apunak! - Have your brother call you daddy.

Ha nekem ilyen fejem lenne, felültetném a buszra és integetnék neki. - If I had a head like yours, I’d put it on a bus and wave goodbye


In Malayalam
Tha-yo-lee : Motherfucker
Ma-yi-re : Pubic Hair
Poo-Te : Pussy
Poo-re : Pubic Hair (woman)



cao ni ma de bi [literally: fuck your mother]
wan ba dan [bastard]
si ba po [bitch (i think)]
ta ma de [fuck]

and remember; ni si ge [you are a]


In Hebrew:

Sharmutah = Slut

Zonah = Bitch (more commonly used)

And i'm pretty sure Mishugenah is yiddish.


Nudnik = Annoying person




Faygaluh = Gay/Homosexual

fuckyou2 December 7, 2009 at 4:23 PM

allof you fuck yourselfves. you dicks.

Muslim Hater. Stop telling us SwearWords...We dont care!

please, enough with the indonesian and malay, no one cares. Lame stupid muslims countries. The only reason i might need to know these is when im on a big screen infront of the world declaring to detonate all islamic countries. hahahahaha. die u muslims. I;ll kill u all, and if im not killing ya, im smashing ur faces on the streets of melbourne.



MADARCHOd - motherfucker



Jebi se - Fuck you
Jebem ti mater - Fuck your mother
Pusi kurac - Suck my dick
Odjebi - Fuck off



vete a la chingada - go fuck yourself
que chingados quieres? what the fuck do you want
callate el pinche hocico- shut the fuck up
no me chinges- don't fuck with me
me caes gordo pendejo- i dont fucking like you arsehole
chupamela - suck my dick
pinhce puñetas - fucking faggot
pinche maricon- fucking gayboy
pinche culero - fucking arsehole
pinche huevon - lazy bastard



Jebem ti mrtvu majku u smrdljiva usta - I fuck your death mother in her rotten mouth


Basszon meg a fasz amelyik kicsepegtetett - Let be fucked by a dick that bubbled you out from cum!


WAIT what about Croatian????????
1.Jebem Ti Mater (i fuck your mom)
2.Puši kurac (pushi kurac)(suck dick)
3.Mama ti je Kurva (your mom is Slut)
4.Jebo ti bog mater (God Is Fucking Ur Mom)
5.Jebem Ti Sve Po Spisku (i Fuck ur fammily by the list)


1.Pička ti materina (Pichka) (your moms pussy)
2.Jebo ti pas mater (dog is fucking your mom)
3.Pička ti ružna i visi do poda (your pussy is ugly and it hangs to the floor)
4.Idi u Kurac ( go inside the dick)
5.most popular MRŠ U TRI PIČKE MATERINE (fuck off in three of your moms pussyes)



1. Dit me may (fuck your mother)


1. Maika ti da eba prost pederast (i will fuck your mother stupid homosexual)
2. Putka ti maichina (Your mother's pussy)
3. Da eba sestra ti v guza dokato maika ti mi lapa (I will fuck your sister in the ass, while your mother is doing BJ to me)


hors daae me vou, oh degage! sale putte! (shut the hell up! dirty/filthy whore/slut!)


suge pula mare= suck big dick
futu-ti gatii matii = fuck your mother's throught
du-te dracului= go to hell
curva ordinara= fucking bitch
te fut in cur= fuck your ass



msenge ( pronounced as it is) - Gay

malaya - whore

ntakufira - i'll fuck u

kumamako - your mum's pussy



madarchod - motherfucker

magi - prostitute

kuttar bacha - son of a bitch

haramjada - bastard

khanki/beisha magi - prostitute (very offensinve)

chodna - fucker

dood - tits

bhoda - vagina


More Indonesian:

Tai! - shit!
Tai kucing - bullshit! (lit. cat shit) / I don't belive you!
Setan - you're devil!

Other swear words are taken from animals' name:

Anjing! - You're dog!
Monyet - You're mongkey!
Bangsat - k.o. bedbug
Bajingan - taken from 'bajing' - squarell!


Indonesian has many others languages beside the national language (Bahasa Indonesia), these are swear words from others language In Indonesia:

liang tai - ass hole!
kunyuk - mongkey!

Asu! - you're dog!

Pantek - You dick!

Godat kau! - You're monkey!

One of language in the eastern of Indonesia (I don't know the name):
Cuki mai! - fuck tour mother!


In Cantonese (Southern Chinese dialect spoken in Hong Kong):

Diu leih louh mouh chauuh haai (F*ck your old mother's smelly pussh)

I remember this from when I was a missionary there 20 years ago. This website is hilarious.



Arschgefickter Hurensohn <->(ass fucked Son of a bitch)

Friss Scheisse <-> (eat shit)

lutsch meine Eier <-> (suck my balls)

Tausend Schwänze in deinen Arsch <-> (thousand dicks in your ass)[never heard it in german but it seems to be popular in arabic countries;)]

a funny one:
Deine Mutter lutscht schwänze in der Hölle<->(Your Mother sucks dicks in hell)


does someone knows what "ti zopa" means, it's russian or from estland..
thanks :-)


common curses in Beirut(Arabic)

ayri bi rabbak( my dick in your god)
ayri bi kos ommak(my dick in your mom's cunt)
mossolli ayri(suck my dick)
zabor bi teezak(a dick in your ass)


common in Indian Hindi

CHUT - Pussy
LUND - Dick
Randi - whore
Teri Maa Ki Chut - Your Mom's Pussy
Gandu - Ass Fucker


Some more

i ad infernos - go to hell
i ad coracas - go to the vultures
scortum - prostitute
meretrix - (also) prostitute
stulte - idiot
furcifer - bastard



balaci-mi-as floci in borsu lu' taicatu, pana mi se usuca chilotii de pe crucea matii - I'll put my pubic hair in your dad's soup, while my boxers dry on your mother's cross.

futu-te-as... sange = fuck you in your blood inima = fuck you in your heart aripa = fuck you in your wing suflet = fuck you in your soul
get the idea?
you can basically swear with any word...

replace "..." with:
aripa = fuck your mother's wing
scaunul = fuck your mother's chair
sangele = fuck your mother's blood
crucea = fuck your mother's cross
biserica = fuck your mother's church

:D the basic constructions...
and of course "pizda matii"
your mom's cunt, and basically more used than "hello" or "bye-bye"


Indonesian curse word

Anjing lo! = dog considered dirties animal in most indonesian societies
Tai Anjing = dog shit
Setan! = devil
Goblok! = moron


Slovak ...

kokot skurveny- fucking dick
kurva- bitch,slut,cunt
kokot- fucker (it means penis too)
pica- [peach:a] bitch,slut,teacher,
buzerant,buzna -homosexual
jebat- fuck
pojeb si mater- go fuck your mom
cecky- tits,nipples



E tuban gheril: smoke my pole, fuckface


In Czech, you should change a couple things..
Do prd'ele!, kurva! [General curse] ,,, This really means "Up the asshole" and "whore"
Also, hovno can mean dung (poo), but it's very very vulgar and mostly used as "shit" in english. Your 'dung' translation just isn't doing it...


Italian Napolitano:

L'anima de chi t'e' muerto.
A soreta!
A zumpapperata de mammeta.


I like all of these, but you should show how to pronounce them because when I got to the russian I was lost on how to pronounce them.


More dutch

Couldn't find:

Kanker hond = Cancer dog (used often)
Mof = Means german, or nazi (insulting)
Graftak = old fucker (literally grave twig)
Brogem = Retard, Idiot


Kunem Berant (Fuck Your Mouth)
Klirs Cces (Suck My Dick)
Bozi Tgha (Son Of A Bitch)
Esh Kunogh (Donkey Fucker)


mort kunem-fuck your mother
boz-qadz-agarka-putanka-rashpandovka-blyad-prostitutka-all means bitch
zhazh tal-to masturbate
klir ccel-to suck dick
siktir eli-fuck off
bozi tga -sun of a bitch


also armenian
vori tsak-asshole
esh gzox-dunkey hard fucker
puc ccox-pussy licker
hors klir-dad's dick




I'm pretty sure that "Ibn Shaitan" is a more mild insult in Arabic (means "Son of the Devil").

Marius Malmstrøm May 10, 2010 at 3:38 PM

More Norwegian:

"Faen i helvete" - Literally "Devil in Hell"
shortened from "Fanden" used when you are really pissed of from something,
like getting killed in a game,
and usually screamed from the bottom of your lungs.

Drit og dra - Fuck off,
literally "Shit and leave"

Morraknuller - Motherfucker

Dra til helvete - Go to Hell

Jævla drittsekk - Damned motherfucker,
literally "Damned shitsack"



i will show those korean asshole in my class
now ltes se who can cuss!!!!!

Lena October 6, 2010 at 6:59 PM


Du er stygg, dum, svak, fattig, og hatet av de fleste mennesker!
Du har ett valg, Bli drept, eller gå å heng deg selv, ditt uønska møkka dyr!! BRENNNNNN!!!

You are ugly, stupid, weak, poor and hated by most people!
You have one choice, Get killed, or go hang yourself, you dirty unwanted animal!! BUUUURN!!!

Sorry my english aint thaaaat good, but if ur not stupid im sure u¨ll be able to understand..


There is a mistake with the french:
Ttourne enculer les mouces [Go fuck a cow]
it should be:
retourne enculer les mouches [go back to fucking flies]


Shona swear words please please



Địt cụ nhà mày ...

Cút con đĩ mẹ mày đi...

Mut buồi bố mày đây này...

Nhìn gì, biến mẹ mày đi (cút về với mẹ)...

Địt cả lò nhà mày...



Du-te dracu [Go to hell, Fuck you]
Pisa-m-as pe tine [I piss on you]
Ce pula mea vrei? [What the fuck do you want?]
Cacat! [Shit!]
Te fut in gura [I fuck you in your mouth]
Cacanar imputit [You stinky shithead!]



jou ma se slap etterige poes (your mothers loose puss filled cunt)

gat naai (get fucked)


Why bother translate if you got Russian so wrong?

"Ti zhopa" means your an ass


hey peeps i want to tell u some swear words in punjabi:

merjani:go die in a hole
cuti:u dog
muj: u fucking fat cow
cute die puche: u tale of a dog


Awesome, awesome article!

Adding Norwegian:

Jævla hore : Fucking whore

Kuksuger : Cocksucker

Fittesleiker :Cunt licker

Faen: Fuck


Adding Afrikaans :

Fok jou : Fuck you
Gaan naai 'n hond : Go fuck a dog
Naaier : Fucker
Jou piel is so groot soos n erdwurm : your penis is as big as an earthworm
Jou is n kont : You are a cunt





lado kha: suck my dick

randi ko choro: son of a bitch(whore)

goo kha: eat shit

machikne: motherfucker.


In Nepali
Machakni: mother fucker
randi: bitch
lado kha: eat my penis
randi ko chora: son of a bitch
randi ko poi: husband of bitch
geda kha: eat balls
lado chus: suck my cock
puti chaat: lick my pussy



dute-n pizda matii : go back to ur moms pussy

sugi pula: suck cock

suge-mi coaiele: suck my balls

ma pis pe tine : i piss on you

curva (-or- tarfa_: bitch



About the Dutch curses and swear words:
Although "Ik laat een scheet in jouw richting [I fart in your direction]" is a correct translation, it's not something that would offended much (if at all!). If a foreigner would try to swear at a Dutch person by saying that they would be ridiculed! :P

Some literal translations of Dutch curse words :

Hoer = whore
Homo = fagot
Hufter = bastard
Snol,slet = slut
klootzak = scrotum (means: asshole)
kankerleier = cancer sufferer
teringleier = consumption sufferer
tyfusleier = thyfus sufferer
pleurisleier = chest-infection sufferer
hoerenzoon = Son of a whore
flikker = queer
kut = vagina (means: cunt, bitch)
trut = bitch (when said to a man the meaning is more along the lines of him being silly or an idiot)
eikel = glans of a penis(means: prick, dickhead)
lul, pik = penis (means: dick, prick)

Another popular curse is:
Krijg de ...(insert disease) – get ...(disease)

Note: all the disease related curses just basically mean the same thing: you are a fucking asshole/bitch.
Some people add words like “vuile” of “vieze”
(both mean “dirty”) to a curse of swear word to make it even worse.


Lol good stuff! Here is some Nicaraguan Spanish...

"Andate a la verga!" = Literal translation is " Go to the dick" but it means "Go fuck yourself!"

"Te voy a culiar" = "I'm going to fuck you"

Chupame la verga = "Suck my cock"

The words "verga" and "culiar are used in many spanish speaking countries but do not always mean the same thing.


the following words were written down with the wrong meaning.Here is the right meaning of them:

Flikker: faggot
eikel: top of the penis
klootzak : ballsack
and then these:

klootoog: balleye
poepstamper : shitpusher (gay)
holmaat: assfriend (gay)
miereneuker: ant fucker
nageboorte: afterbirth
kutmongool : cunt retard
berelul : bear dick
aarsgezicht: ass face
kontenkruiper: ass crawler
hondelul :dog dick
reetmagneet : ass magnet
aarsmade :ass maggot
lijke neuker : corpse fucker
kanker slet : cancer slut
kanker hoer: cancer whore
kanker homo : cancer gay
kanker flikker : cancer faggot


Honestly, I don't understand why people would put their two cents in and add insults to this list (comments) if they are just typing in another languages insult into a translator. Add comments to this list if you are a native speaker, not if you're some kid on Google translate.


Wow...Grammar Nazi's aren't just German....


Ok, just sayin' : "Tabernac, choleque de merde" doesn't mean "Thanks, you shit stained cum buckets". Oh boy no. It mean, "Fuck, fucking shit", and it's "Tabarnaque, calisse de marde".

Others French canadian swear:
Sacrament, esti, calisse are equal as "fuck"

Va chier: go fuck yourself
Mange de la marde: eat shit
Tu es une ostie de salope: you're a fucking whore
Enfant de chienne: son of a bitch
Trou du cul (but we prounounce "trou d'cul): asshole
Mange ma raie: eat my ass
Salope, pute: whore
Mange ma graine: eat my dick

It's all I have for now in my mind but if I can remember others, I'll let you know~ (:


theres a lithuanian guy at work who keeps on saying "passional"-I know that is the wrong spelling but what does it mean and what is the proper spelling?


"vai mamar na quinta pata do cavalo" (go suck on the horse's fifth leg - enough said...)

Unknown April 9, 2013 at 7:44 PM

Thanx, Buttermouth. Lotsa laffs.

Has anyone sorted these comments by nationality, since they've blossomed like mushrooms on horseshit ?

If so, please pass on to Buttermouth, for all of us to enjoy more conveniently.

Also, in Polish, I'm told :

kurvih syn = son of a whore

pisda = cunt

kurva = whore

pierdolonih kutas = fucking ???


italian (with approximative pronunciation for english speakers):
Pezzo di merda (PETS-tso dee MAIR-dah): piece of shit (the mer of merda is pronunced like the mer of America
Testa di cazzo(TESS-tah dee CAHTS-tso: Head of dick
Vaffanculo (vahf-fahn-COO-lo): fuck you
Fatti fottere (FAHT-tee FOTE-tay-ray) or vai a farti fottere (vigh ah fahrty FOTE-tay-ray): get fucked
Fottiti(FOTE-tee-tee: screw yourself
Puttana/Troia(poot-TAH-nah/TRAW-yah): bitch (note: Troia is also the name of the city of Troy in Italian. It also exists as a surname.)
Coglione(cole-'YO-nay): prick, but also the singular of coglioni, a badword that means balls; the gli is pronounced like like ll in classic Castillian Spanish and Catalan, lh in Portuguese and lj in albanian and German, many other languages have this sound with different spellings, but English doesn't, the pronunciation i wrote is approximative.
Palle/Coglioni(PAHL-lay/cole-YO-nee): balls
Cazzo(CAHTS-tso): dick
Merda(MAIR-dah): shit
Fottuto(fote-TOO-toe): screwed, fucked up

li mortacci tuais a dialectal expression from Rome, you should make a separate list for non standard badwords. It literally means "your bad dead relatives" and it's pronounced lee more TOUCH chee Too-ah/DOO-ah.


How about some in Spanish. Pinche puto= fucking bitch marikon= faggot


In afrikaans you will say
Bloed poes:blood vagina
Jy is bewys dat satan rotte naai:your are proof that satan fucks rats