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Divx Moviez

Since the shutdown of the DivX site, it's been really hard trying to find high quality videos on the web.

This site might relieve some of that pressure.

They have a bunch of newer and older films available to watch in high quality. There are hardly any "random" flicks, most of them were popular when they were released.

The only problem with this site is that it's a DivX site. Because there's no common place to host these files on the iternet, the loading times are very unpredictable.

If the buffering doesn't go above 0% in the first minute, I'd recommend moving to another movie. The movie your trying to watch is either hosted in Antarctica or has been removed.

Watch Free DivX Movies - Divx Moviez

By Buttermouth → Wednesday, April 30, 2008

If you ever need to listen to a song quickly then this site would be a good starting point.

With over a million tracks, Listen77 has streaming music available to anyone without even registering.

The big downside with this site (as opposed to Skreemr) is that you can only stream the songs. No downloading :(

Still...because of the large amount of songs available on this site, it's still worth the bookmark for those times when you need to listen to (preview) a full song...quickly.

Listen to Free Streaming Music - Listen77

By Buttermouth → Tuesday, April 29, 2008

There aren't many things better than watching entire seasons of TV shows in couple of sittings.

I mean how many of have watched every episode of the Sopranos, Lost, or BSG in under a month. I know I have, and I loved every second of it.

Well, instead of finding each episode individually, you can download the entire season on FullTVSeasons.com.

They have hundreds of torrents for different TV shows. Each torrent has an entire season of a particular show. Just make sure you have a torrent tracker or downloader and you'll be downloading these shows in no time.

If your looking for which torrent software's to use, check out our "Online Entertainment Cheat Sheet". There are 25 excellent torrent programs listed there.

Download Full Seasons of TV Shows - Full TV Seasons

By Buttermouth → Monday, April 28, 2008

One of our best writers has started a new blog about the randomness of twenty something life.

He wrote some kind words about ButterMouth in his new article, and it's only appropriate to give back some of the love.

Check it out, there are funny stories, articles, and pictures about everything and anything random.

And for all you other bloggers out there, if you feel inclined to write about ButterMouth then we'll also write a post about your blog. Just send us an e-mail at [email protected] when you've posted the story.

This is a great way to get hundreds of people to your blog, and we will only be offering this "blog" exchange for a limited time.

New Blog from One of Our Writers

By Buttermouth →

If you're like me, you go through a new cell phone at least once a year. I don't know what it is, I just like to have the newest technology at my fingertips.

Some might think that this is expensive thing to do...I mean buying the newest models from a service provider usually sets you back around 200 dollars (even with the discount).

But this is where, WireFly.com comes in. I've been using them for the last three years, and I've never been so satisfied with an online company.

The free deals are exactly that...they are 100% free. I don't really care that I need to extended my plan, because I'm going to need a cell phone in two years nonetheless.

The deal for today is a free Blackberry Pearl for new T-Mobile subscribers or current subscribers that extended for two years. Pretty freakin sweet, eh?

I've gotten 4 cell phones from this site already, and it's been worth every penny (That's zero pennies to be exact).

Free Cell Phones - Wirefly.com

By Buttermouth →

Here's another site that works just like SideReel. For each episode of movie, they have multiple links to different sources on the web.

So if you see a movie or show you like, chances are at least one of the links will work for you.

The site actually focuses on TV shows more than movies, so if your an avid TV watcher, than this site will work well for you.

Just click on a category to see the videos in that category, or click on one of the newly updated videos on the right side.

You'll see a bunch of different links for each episode. The thumbs up means it's good quality, the thumbs down means that its not. Sweet and simple.

Free TV Shows Online - ShowLinks.tv

By Buttermouth → Sunday, April 27, 2008

I've gotten some feedback about how it's not really easy to figure out how awesome the ButterMouth search engine is.

It's great that you all think so highly of the search engine, I do spend a lot of time up keeping it and fine tuning it so that it provides the best results.

Unlike some other video search engines, ButterMouth focuses on just full length movies and tv shows. No clips, biographies, or articles about movies, just the real deal.

If a movie or TV show is on the web then you can find it on ButterMouth.com. Check out the new design today!

The Most Powerful Search Engine for Finding Free Movies

By Buttermouth → Saturday, April 26, 2008
Over the years, I've been "trading" swears with people that speak different languages than me. It always starts off innocent like...asking a French person what "f you" is in French. But after a while the conversation tends to get a little bit crazy.

That's because each country has a few swears that don't really make that much sense in English. These swears tend to be the funniest and most useful of the whole conversation. Like for instance...how would you feel if a someone told you to pull them backwards in a bird cage?

I dunno about you, but I'd probably be very confused.

So that's why I've decided to list the 100 best swears that I've encountered over my travels. Have fun...but remember to swear responsibly.

PLEASE READ: A lot of what's listed below is EXTREMELY offensive. People under the age of 18 or those without a sense of humor SHOULD NOT continue reading. Ye be warned.

100 Swears / 20 Languages:
  1. Busu [Extremely ugly girl]
  2. Kintama [Golden balls]
  3. Kisama [Lord of the donkeys]
  4. Urusai Gakia [Shut up brat]
  5. Pai Pai [Breasts, nipples]

  1. Tu me fais chier [You are pissing me off]
  2. Ttourne enculer les mouces [Go fuck a cow]
  3. Ta mère est une salope [Your mother is a bitch]
  4. Va te tripoter [Go tinker with yourself]
  5. Tabarnaque, calisse de marde [Fuck, fucking shit]

  1. Dummes huhn [Stupid chicken]
  2. Fick mich [Fuck me]
  3. Himmeldonnerwetter [Heaven thunder weather]
  4. Arschgesicht [Ass face]
  5. Schwanzlutscher [Cock sucker]

  1. Mishugena [Freak]
  2. Hutzpa [Balls (lot of nerve)]
  3. Teonen al tmuna shel kalba [Do masturbate on a dogs picture]
  4. Nod [Fart]
  5. Noshech kariot [Pillow biter]

  1. Is dócha nach bhfuil seans ar bith ann [I suppose a ride is out of the question?]
  2. Cailleach [Old hag, witch]
  3. Is cuma liom sa diabhal [I don't give a damn]
  4. Marbhfháisc ort [A shroud on you]
  5. Go stróice an diabhal thú [May the worms eat you]

  1. No Skuche ala Gats [What the fuck do you want from my balls?]
  2. Cazzo vai via stronzo [Shit, get out of here jerk]
  3. li mortacci tua [To your dead relative]
  4. Vai a morire ammazzato [Go and die murdered]
  5. Figlio di puttana [Son of a whore]

  1. Nikomak [Fuck your mother]
  2. Elif air ab tizak [A thousand dicks in your ass!]
  3. Gahba [Bitch]
  4. Aha [Shit]
  5. Sharmoota haygana [Horny bitch]

  1. Dormi mecum [Sleep with me]
  2. Orcae ita [Hells yeah]
  3. Spucatum tauri [Bull shit]
  4. Irrumator [Bastard]
  5. Flocci non facio [I don't give a damn]

  1. Mo [Derogatory for a Moroccan]
  2. Malik kahell [Your king is a Black (insult)]
  3. Woodla halum [Allah wills it]
  4. Mook kebba [Your mother is a whore]
  5. Inta shaz [You're a perv]

  1. Beshoor [No brained]
  2. Kosefil [Elephant's cunt]
  3. Kos-khol [Sex crazy]
  4. An damagh [Booger]
  5. Khange khodah [Screw-up of god]

  1. Spieprzaj [Piss off]
  2. Zajebiste [Fucking awesome]
  3. Odpierdol sie chuju bo ci zapierdole [Fuck off you dick or I'll fuck you up]
  4. Jebiesz jeze [You fuck hedgehogs]
  5. Zjechać na ręcznym [Have a hand job]

  1. Zaebal [You have bored me a lot]
  2. Kor-rovie khuy-ee [You mother sucks cow dicks]
  3. Ya eemay-you o-chen balshoy jol-ty hoy [I have a big yellow dick]
  4. Tebya ne ebut, ti ne podmakhivai [Mind your own fucking business]
  5. Yob tvoiu mat [Fuck your mother]

  1. Jeg spretta søstra di mens den tilbakestående faren din sto bak og fumlet med ballene mine [I stretched your sisters ass while your retarded dad stood behind me and fumbled my balls]
  2. Fis [Long, soundless, and smelly fart]
  3. Dra meg baklengs inn i fuglekassa [Pull me backwards into the bird cage (comparable to "are you kidding?")]
  4. Runknisse [Wanking gnome]
  5. Javisst, enda en norsk kuksuger, akkurat det vi trenger [Great, another Norwegian cocksucker, just what we needed]

  1. Me cago en ti [I shit over you]
  2. Hijo de mil putas [Son of thousand bitches]
  3. Hueles a mierda [You smell like shit]
  4. Pinche [Fucking (swear amplifier)]
  5. La reputisima madre que te remil pario [The bitch that had you bore a thousand times]

  1. Gayn cacken ofn yam [Go shit in the ocean]
  2. Putz [Dickhead]
  3. Yutz [Asshole]
  4. Schlemeil [Always spills his soup]
  5. Schlmazel [Person who the soup is spilt on]

  1. Gotsan drewllyd [Smelly fanny]
  2. Cachu bant ti cachu mes [Fuck off you sheep-shagger]
  3. Bronnau fel bryniau Eryri [Tits like the mountains of Snowdon]
  4. Ffwcia oma & Cachau bant [Fuck off]
  5. Dos i chwarae efo dy nain [Go fuck your granny]

  1. ie de wang viestie dagoe [you're a vilty dog]
  2. boelen [fuckin' in the ass]
  3. krasi [horny]
  4. Yu ma pangpang [your mothers cunt]
  5. bos mie baanaa [kiss my dick]

  1. Dinf far tagen den i røven(roeven) [Your father takes it up the arse]
  2. Du er pisse irriterende [You're a pain in the arse]
  3. Klam [Disgustingly ugly]
  4. Dø(doe)dit fede pikfjæs(pikfjaes) [Die you fat cock-head]
  5. For fanden da også(ogsaa) [Oh for fucks sake]
  1. Chces mrdat? (ksesh mrrdat?) [Do you want to fuck?]
  2. Do prdele!, kurva! [General curse]
  3. Mrdat, prcat [Very dirty words for "fuck," - used only by the lowest people (whores, thugs, etc.)]
  4. Sakra [Damn]
  5. Hovno [Dung]

  1. Smerige kankerhoer [Dirty cancer-suffering ho]
  2. Val dood vuile kankerhoer [Drop dead stupid cancer hooker]
  3. Apenaaier [Monkey-fucker]
  4. Kutwijf [Literally cunt-bitch]
  5. Ik laat een scheet in jouw richting [I fart in your direction]

FROM THE COMMENTS (unverified translations):

21. FILIPINO (Thanks to still.undead)
  1. Putangina mo [your mother is a whore]
  2. Hindot ka [you fuckhead or fuck you]
  3. Tae mo [literal: your shit; figurative: i don't believe you, shithead]
  4. Pukingina mo or plain Kingina [cunt of your mother]
  5. Pesteng ulupong [you accursed snake]

22. PORTUGUESE (Thanks to Kika)
  1. Vai para o caralho [go to the dick (it means "fuck you" though)]
  2. Vai ver se está a chover [go see if it's raining (get lost!)]
  3. Vai para a puta que te pariu [Go to the whore that gave birth to you (very offensive)]
  4. Estou-me a cagar para ti! [I'm shitting to you.]
  5. Vai tomar no cú [go drink in the asshole]
  6. vai te fuder [go fuck yourself]
  7. filho da puta [son of a bitch]

MORE FRENCH (thanks go to LaurentSauvagnac)

  1. putain de bordel de merde [holy fucking shit]
  2. Sa mère la pute [mother whore]
  3. Enculé d'sa mère [mother fuck]
  4. oh la vache [holy cow]
EVEN MORE FRENCH (thank to Cindy~)
  1. Va chier: go fuck yourself
  2. Mange de la marde: eat shit
  3. Tu es une ostie de salope: you're a fucking whore
  4. Enfant de chienne: son of a bitch
  5. Trou du cul (but we prounounce "trou d'cul): asshole
  6. Mange ma raie: eat my ass
  7. Salope, pute: whore
  8. Mange ma graine: eat my dick

23. Indonesian (thanks Anon)
  1. Ngentot ko [Fuck You]
  2. Kontol! [You dick!]
  3. Pukimak [Your mother's cunt]
  4. Babilah kau [You pig]
  5. Mampus kau [You die]

24. Turkish (thanks Turk)
  1. Gotunu sikerim [I will fuck your ass]
  2. Yarrak [Penis]
  3. Pic cocuk [Bastard child]
  4. Bin yarrak gotune girsin! [a thousand penises go in your ass]

If you know any interesting swears in languages other than English, feel free to post them in the comments... otherwise that's it. Thanks for reading!

How to Swear 100 Ways in 20 Different Foreign Languages

By Buttermouth → Friday, April 25, 2008

Here's a new message board that's dedicated to movie downloads.

Each topic that is posted on MovieRush has links to various direct downloads of movies and TV shows.

Just click on one of the categories, and you'll see all the movies that they have to offer.

They have a lot of great quality downloads, so I really recommend checking this site out.

As a added bonus to all you people over 18, there is a adult section that has downloads of full length adult dvds.

Movie Download Message Board - MovieRush.to

By Buttermouth → Wednesday, April 23, 2008

There's nothing worse then shelling out 3 bucks to download a ring tone from your service provider. Not only do you have to pay for the actual ringtone, but usually you have to pay for the internet usage to download the ring tone.

At Myxer though, you can browse thousands of ringtones and send it to your phone for free!

It seems that they a lot more rap and hip hop ring tones than anything else. So if your a fan of rap, then your sure to find a ring tone to suit your needs.

You can sort through all the of the ring tones by the rating which makes it easier to find which ring tones are actually worth downloading.

Download and Create Free Ringtones - Myxer.com

By Buttermouth →

In honor of Earth Day I've decided to include this great website. Greendimes is a venture that wants to stop all that unwanted junk mail from appearing at your house.

By signing up for a free account, you receive 5 years of junk less mail. Actually, they state that you get about 90% less junk mail. But either way, this service doesn't just provide a helpful service for any household, they also help the environment. The decrease of junk mail at your doorstep means less trees being cut down.

If you are even more inclined to help the environment, you can purchase a $20 subscription from greendimes that plants 5 trees in your name.

Why not do something this Earth Day that actually helps both you and the environment?

Help the Environment this Earth Day with GreenDimes.com

By Buttermouth → Tuesday, April 22, 2008

If you ever have problems finding movies that you want to watch, then look no further than cin-o-matic. There's nothing worse than browsing dozens of movie sites searching for a random movie that interests you, and coming out totally empty handed.

At cin-o-matic, the top movies in theaters and on DVD are listed for you. You can sort all the movies, within a bunch of different categories. The great thing about this site, is that you can see more than just the "top 10". The list's show 50 movies that are sorted on the categories you choose.

With this site in toe, you shouldn't have anymore problems finding random movies you want to watch.

Find Movies to Watch - cin-o-matic.com

By Buttermouth →

A pretty spiffy new website that's dedicated to bringing you higher quality movies.

Most of the videos are hosted on MegaVideo, which means extremely quick loading times, and above average video quality.

This website just started out, so there aren't many movies posted yet. But the movies they do have, are definitely all watchable.

Thanks to Norman Roberts at NoSubscriptionRequired.net for pointing out another great online video site.

Watch Movies Online for Free - Moviecase.net

By Buttermouth → Monday, April 21, 2008

A sweet new website that makes finding torrent's easier, by allowing people to search dozens of torrent sites.

Even better, the site is easy to navigate and use, so you'll be downloading torrents in no time.

To get started, choose all or some of the torrent sites listed on the front page.

Once you've check marked the ones you want, just search any keyword in the search engine at the top of the page.

Once you get your results, you''ll see tabs of the torrent sites you choose. Just click on them to see what torrent's they have that matched your query.

Find Torrent's the Easy Way - LOOKTorrent.com

By Buttermouth → Saturday, April 19, 2008

If you ever use Digg or del.icio.us, then you're aware of how great those sites are at finding new articles and videos.

This site works the same way, except that it automatically adds articles from hundreds of blogs and websites. Once those articles appear on the site, people can then "share" stories to make them more popular.

The more shares an article has, the higher up it appears on ReadBurner.

Find the Tops News on Google Reader - ReadBurner

By Buttermouth →

An awesome new site that has a bunch of links to high quality films across the web.

It's been a while since I've received a website that has a score to put it in the Top 25 right after launching. Actually the last website to do this was watch-movies.net, and they placed at #2 their first month on the Top 25.

Check it it out. All their movies have exceptional quality, and quick buffering.

One of the coolest features in this site is that they support and add OGM videos. OGM is similar to AVI but lets people choose chapters and use subtitles. Kind of like watching a DVD, except that it's streaming on the internet.

I look forward to seeing how this site progresses, especially if they keep doing what they are dong.

Enjoy the latest DivX and OGM movies - DivVin.com

By Buttermouth → Friday, April 18, 2008

A great new website that lets any registered user download and listen to music.

It's actually kind of like Digg, where you can "jigg" each song. The more "jiggs" a particular song has, the higher it will appear on the top rated list.

They have songs from popular bands, as well as new and upcoming bands.

Actually, just using this website for a couple days, I've found a bunch of great new artists and songs that I never heard of.

I did find that some of the songs have slower buffering than others. But if you press pause for like 30 seconds, the song should be ready to play without stopping to buffer.

Rate and Download Free Music - iJigg.com

By Buttermouth → Thursday, April 17, 2008

Here's yet another destination to check out the newest films available online.

The site design lets people see the most recent, top rated, and most viewed movies that are currently on videojuice. Just click on a title, and you'll start watching the movie.

Some of the movies are pretty good quality, but others are really bad quality and hosted on Chinese servers. But I guess your just going to have to roll the dice on this one.

But the nice thing about this site is that it tells you exactly which format the movie will be in, so you'll definately know what to expect even before you click on the movie.

Thanks to Norman Roberts at NoSubscriptionRequired for finding sites just like this one.

Watch Movies Online - VideoJuice.tv

By Buttermouth →

Here's a message board full of movies and tv shows. They have a bunch of different categories for different qualities of films. Like DVD rips, HD, Full HD, and regular.

This makes it really easy to find the best quality films. Just click on the quality of film you want, and you'll be shown the videos that fit that type.

They hundreds of threads with movies and tv shows, so you should be able to find anything you want.

DVD, HD, and DIVX Movies - ShareVirus.com

By Buttermouth → Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A brand new site that lets people add, rate, and review any MySpace pages.

It focuses more on the musicians, bands, and artists on MySpace. So if you want to find the "rising stars" on MySpace then this would be a good place to start.

When people rate a certain profile, it gives the band a chance to become one of the top rated profiles on RisingSpaces.

This site is very useful because the MySpace search and directory is extremely outdated and it's nearly impossible to find the the best new artists on MySpace.

The Top Rated MySpace Profiles - RisingSpaces.com

By Buttermouth →

It was just a matter of time before someone created a free and full service genealogy website for creating family trees.

I mean imagine, if your great great grandparents had the internet and created a family tree. You would probably know a lot more about your family genealogy than you do already.

The family trees are private and are available for just the families included in the tree. You can invite any family member to contribute to their part of your family tree.

That's the point of this site. Create your family tree now and let future generations get to know you a little better.

Create Free Family Trees - ItsOurTree.com

By Buttermouth → Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A well designed blog that has links to new movies and TV episodes.

The frontpage lists the newest entries (movies/shows) that Petiks has posted. All you need to do is click on "read the rest of the story" to start watching the videos.

You can also sort the posts by clicking on one of the categories on the right side of the blog. This site has only been around for two months, so the collection of movies and TV shows isn't the largest on the net. But that doesn't mean there isn't some good movies and TV shows available on Petiks.com

Free Streaming Movie and TV Blog - Petiks.com

By Buttermouth →

Here's a site perfect for the upcoming summer season. If your planning on traveling anywhere, then this site is definitely worth a look.

At iAudioGuide you can download MP3's of city guides. There are a little more than 40 city guides available right now, which include most of the major tourist stops.

The cool thing about having access to these MP3's is that you can easily put them on your Ipod as your walking around some of these cities. No more tour groups...explore the cities at your own pace.

Free MP3 City Guides - iAudioGuide.com

By Buttermouth →

Here's a site that has a simple list of all the movies it has available. Just click on the title and you'll start watching the movie in seconds.

After browsing this site for awhile, I noticed the weirdest thing on this site. All the movies actually worked! I guess that explains their rather small collection.

But still, I'd rather have a working resource of 100 movies than a list of 10,000 movies of which only 10 work.

The downside is that a good percentage of the movies are hosted on foreign hosts like Yokou or Todou, and because of that their loading times might be kinda long. But luckily this isn't the case for all the movies.

Free Working Movies - YourTV.ro

By Buttermouth → Monday, April 14, 2008

Here's a cool new website where people add and rate news stories from all across the web.

The best part is that people can also rate certain news stories on how conservative or liberal their tone is.

The works especially well for anyone that is interested in politics and wants to find more news stories fitting an their political beliefs.

Another cool feature they have at Skewz is their media comparison chart. On this chart you can find all the news sources featured on Skewz and see how they stand on certain hot topics.

Find Liberal or Conservative News Stories - Skewz.com

By Buttermouth →
So I need to inform everyone that I'm going to be out of town all day today and tomorrow...so I probably won't be able to do any updates tomorrow. I hope you guys can hang on.

Anyway, here's a great viral video I came across. I don't want to ruin the vid for all you, so all I'm going to say is it's freakin halirious.

Naked Pictures of Your Buddys Girlfriend - Viral Video

By Buttermouth → Saturday, April 12, 2008

Here's another site that proclaims that it's the reincaration of the late and great tv-link.co.uk. Which brings the grand total to 5 sites.

I can't say for certain if it is or isn't owned by the tv-links owner but one thing is for certain...this website delivers some great content.

If you ever visited tv-link.co.uk before it was shutdown, you'd notice that this site looks and feels the same exact was a tvlinks did.

Click on any title, and you'll see multiple places to watch the video online.

Watch Free Movies, TV, and Anime @ TV-links.eu

By Buttermouth →

A pretty sweet website that has hundreds of TV shows available to watch.

What makes them even better is that they have great updates, and usually get the new episodes up within one day.

The site design of this webpage makes it really easy to use and find what your looking for.

Just click on a show title, and click on the episode you want...it's that easy.

Thanks to Norman Robets at NoSubscriptionRequired.net for pointing out this site.

Free TV Shows - FanFunny.com

By Buttermouth →
The internet is a great place. You can connect with friends and family, watch your favorite movies and TV shows, listen to all kinds of music, and most importantly watch people make fools of themselves on YouTube.

But there's also a very dark part of the internet. It's at this place where all the weirdos and crazies hang out. Maybe some of you have been there, maybe not. So in a effort to inform you all on what happens in this place, I've compiled a list of some of the most politically incorrect websites and videos that exist on the internet.

You should know that the list below DOES NOT include any XXX or NC-17 material. If I did include those then this list would go on forever, and I would probably loose half of my audience (but probably gain some of those aforementioned crazies). Because I don't want that to happen, I've kept this list at a modest R rating.

Anyway, click at your own risk. You've been warned.

#10 - Borat - Throw the Jew Down the Well

This is what you get when you mix booze, rednecks, and a song about jews.

#9 - White America Commercial

White America really needs a place to get together and talk about their heritage. Pffffff. By the way, the website advertised on this commercial doesn't exist anymore, you need to go to the National Alliance site to get more information on this organization.

#8 - Global Warming Denial

Does global warming exist? It seems that if you don't believe that it's caused by human emissions you are a horrible human being. But here's a video documentary explaining this "politically incorrect" viewpoint.

#7 - Volkswagen's Suicide Bomber Commercial

What else would a middle eastern man do in a Volkswagen? This is a horrible example of shameless stereotyping.

#6 - Holocaust Denial Websites

You've probably heard about these wackos on the news. They whole heartedly believe that either the holocaust didn't exist or it wasn't a planned genocide. If for some reason you want to see other similarly minded douchebags then check out; zundelsite.org and codoh.info

#5 - Black Tooth Paste

This commercial tries to show that appearances can be deceiving. But it seems like they didn't realize the racial undertones implied with product and actors in the commercial.

#4 - 911 Conspiracies

Here's a video that explains why people some believe that 911 was staged by the US government to gain support for attacking the middle east.

#3 - Klu Klux Klan Web Show
You probably know what the KKK are all about. But did you know they have a web show? Watching these shows makes me believe that there are people in Arkansas that really haven't progressed since the 19th century.

#2 - Kramer at the Laugh Factory

Most of you have undoubtedly seen this racist tirade from Kramer. It's utterly pathetic and quite sad to see someone be this racist.

#1 - The Amazing Racist

How someone can be proud to be this racist is crazy. Maybe he had trouble dealing with his "ginger" issues as a kid, and needs to take it out on others. But who knows?

I just wanted to say, that I don't consider myself to be racist or politically incorrect in anyway. The only reason I posted these items was to show all of you where they could find, discuss, and point out the racists on the internet.

The Top 10 Most Politically Incorrect Things on the Internet - Volume #1

By Buttermouth → Friday, April 11, 2008

If you use either Flickr, YouTube, Digg, Photobucket, DailyMotion, Reddit, or del.icio.us to get your entertainment or news then this website will definitely come in handy.

taggylicio.us is basically one large tag cloud of hundred of topics ranging from autumn to zoos and everything in between.

When you click on a certain tag you'll be brought to a page that has the latest pictures (from Flickr), videos, and news stories that match the tag you picked. So let's say you like games...if you were to click on games you would see all the latest news, pictures, and videos about games from the most popular social bookmarking sites.

Simple and incredibly informative...sweet.

The Power of Tags - taggylicio.us

By Buttermouth →
Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe just launched Photoshop Express Beta which is pretty much a very slim version of the Photoshop program.

If your a casual photograher or graphic designer then this "Express" version gives you everything you need to edit your favorite pictures and graphics.

There's no doubt Adobe released this software to compete with other online photo editing applications, like Picnik. And to tell you the truth, Adobe comes out on top again.

Adobe does "extra" things that make it better than prior application, like give 2GB of free storage and instant sharing of pictures. Through and through this is a great simple way to fix up any of your pictures.

Free Online Photo Editing - Adobe Photoshop Express

By Buttermouth → Thursday, April 10, 2008

Let me start off by saying that I'm not exactly the expert on Anime. Even though I did live in Japan for awhile, I never really got sucked into to it. So I'm not going to be the best judge of this site.

All you Anime buffs, please take the time to rate this site so that it can help other people in the future.

But either way, this site seems to have a lot of links to all sorts of Anime on their webpage...I even got reeled into one and actually enjoyed it. Maybe I have to get this whole Anime thing another chance.

If you actually go to AnimeFever.com you will see a different screen. This is due to the fact that the link I provided gives a better overall picture of what AnimeFever offers.

Watch Free Anime Online - AnimeFever

By Buttermouth →

Here's a quick and simple way to see the top blogs from across the internet.

RatingBurner.com lists blogs by their feedburner subscribers. This gives you an easy way to see which blogs are the most popular and which ones are gaining more popularity.

Sure there are sites like BlogFlux and Technorati which rank blogs already. But the technique that RatingBurner makes it easier to see recent changes to a blogs popularity.

List of all the Top Blogs - RatingBurner.com

By Buttermouth → Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Here's a great resource for any gamer...casual or extreme.

This site indexes over 36,000 games found throughout the internet. You can view the most popular games on the front page as well as popular gaming news.

The best feature lies in the search engine. Just search for a genre (like action) or a specific game title (like tetris). Once you do that, a list of places where you can either download or play the game are shown to you.

Don't expect to find mainstream games like Counterstrike on this site. The site only compiles free and legal games.

Find Over 36,000 Free Games at GameSeekr.com

By Buttermouth → Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Here's another site that uses what seems to be the standardized template for all the new online tv site.

But the good news with that is that you probably know how to navigate through this site already. The site posts new and popular movies directly on their site, so you don't have to leave the site to watch the movies.

They have a pretty solid collection and steady updates which is definitely a good thing for any new online TV site.

Watch Movies Online with FreeMoviesOnline.tv

By Buttermouth →

20 Extremely Useful Life Hack Videos

By Buttermouth → Monday, April 7, 2008
MVP Movies

A new message board the specializes in posting high quality DivX movie links.

Like with most movie link message boards, the movie links are posted into different forum topics. All you have to do is click on a title that interests you, and click one more link to watch the movie you want.

Because this site uses DivX films and there's no good place to host DivX anymore, there are going to be considerable loading times for each video.

But that should be OK, if your like me and take quality over loading times.

High Quality DivX Movie Links - MVP Movies

By Buttermouth →
Napster Free

From the same guys that brought p2p into the mainstream, comes a free streaming music service. You don't even need an account.

You can browse hundreds of popular band's albums and listen to all the songs for free.

But because it's streaming, it doesn't give you the option to download. Still, just listening to the albums gives you a bunch of ways to find new music that interests you.

Pretty solid, IMHO.

Free Streaming Albums - Napster Free

By Buttermouth → Saturday, April 5, 2008

A brand new site that has links to popular movies.

The clean and crisp site design make it a little easier on the eye, which makes the whole trying to find a working movie experience a little better.

They also have a section for TV shows, but since this site just launched, they are still working on trying to make that section.

Overall, the simplicity and quality of links on this site make it a great addition to the Online TV world.

Thanks to Norman Roberts at NSR for pointing out this site.

Watch Free Movies at Fridayflix.net

By Buttermouth →

Here's a awesome new web application that lets you see what everyone is watching on YouTube.

Each time someone watches a video on YouTube, it automatically appears on TubeSpy for you to check out. This makes it really easy to find the newest viral videos that have hit the web.

The only downside to this site is that seeing the videos that are being watched is the only thing you can do. There are no rankings, most viewed, or highest rated sections on this site. What you see is what you get.

Similarly, if you want to see the videos on YouTube that are getting the most attention from bloggers, then check out ViralVideoChart (or just look at the right hand side of ButterBlog). ViralVideoChart displays the top 20 videos that are being blogged about each day, and it's my first destination when I want to check out the newest videos.

Find the Videos that Are Being Watched on Youtube - TubeSpy

By Buttermouth → Friday, April 4, 2008
Rapidshare Films

Here's a blog that posts DVD's of popular movies. But instead of streaming them, you can download them via RapidShare.

They post a new movie everyday, so it's easy to find a newer movie that you want to watch.

Of course, chances are if there is a good quality version of the movie on RapidShare it's likely that there is a streaming version somewhere.

But this site is still useful if you like having your own copies available on your computer so you can watch it at any time.

Free DVD RapidShare Links - Rapidshare Films

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Deal Locker

With the hundreds of coupon sites out there, it's hard for any bargain hunter to find a site that suits all of their needs.

Well, Deal Locker might just be that site. They have coupons from practically every retailer in the US.

You can save $100's off TV's from Best Buy or get free chicken from KFC.

Just search for a store or a product that your looking for, and the most recent deals will be shown to you.

Find Printable Coupons Online - DealLocker

By Buttermouth → Thursday, April 3, 2008
Project Antigua

A brand new site that has a very clean and crisp web design that makes it really easy to find the movie or TV show your looking for.

Although they might not have the largest collection right now, you can expect this to change with time.

To start just visit the site and click on a movie title that interests you. Or if you want to watch a TV show, then just click on TV Shows on the top of the page.

Pretty simple...uh?

Thanks to Norman Roberts from No Subscription Required for pointing out this site.

Free Movies and TV Shows - ProjectAntigua

By Buttermouth →

There have been dozens of sites that have come out in the last year that give people the opportunity to download YouTube videos.

But none of them are as simple and as effective as CatchVideo.net

All you need to do is paste the URL of the YouTube video and then choose a video format (.mpeg, .mov, .mp4, .3gp, .mp3, .flv). Then just click on "convert and download" and you got yourself a personal copy of any YouTube video you want.

Download YouTube Videos With One Click - CatchVideo.net

By Buttermouth → Wednesday, April 2, 2008
See the Newest Top 25 | See Last Month's Top 25

So your looking for places to find free movies...well you've definitely come to the right place. Located below is a list (that's updated monthly) with the top 25 websites to watch free movies. We rank these sites by 6 categories, from a scale to 1 to 10 (bad - amazing). If you can't find what your looking for, try using the search engine above to search all 25 sites in one step.

A lot has changed this month, a lot of sites just stopped updating. So that's why there are 6 new sites on the Top 25 this month. Just in case you can't find what your looking for, you can always find the complete list of sites that were ranked, not just the Top 25, here.

This update captures all the changes that happened in the streaming video world up until April 1st, 2008.

Happy Viewing!


Rank Website Design Good Links Quality Quantity Community Updates Score
25 joox 7 5 7
7 8
5 6.5
23 watchmoviesorg 7
5 7 6.67
23 moviezone 6
7 7 5
7 8
21tvjunk 7 8 7
7 6.83
21 movieago 7 8 8 5 5 8 6.83
19 divxlinks 7
7 9 7 5 7 7.0
19 tvlinkscc 8 8 8 9
0 9 7.0
17 watchfreefilms 7
8 9 5 7 7 7.17
17 onlinemoviesfree 8 8 6 8 5 8 7.17
14 meelu 8 8 8 8 5 8 7.5
14 projectfreetv 8 9 8 10 0
10 7.5
14 legalmovies 7
8 9 8 4 9 7.5
10 tubezoom 8 8 6 8 8 9 7.83
10 divlix 9 9 9 5 6 9 7.83
10 moviesondemand 8 8 8 9 6
8 7.83
10 watchtvsitcoms 6 9 8 7 8 9 7.83
8 nabolister
5 7 9 9 9 9 8.0
bedroommedia 8 8 8 8 8 8 8.0
6 hulu 9 10 10 5 6 9 8.17
6 tvshack 9 8 8 8 7 9 8.17
alluc 7 9 8 9 9 8 8.33
4 ovguide 9 - - - 8 - 8.5
2 quicksilverscreen 9 9 9 8 9 8 8.67
2 surfthechannel
8 9 9 9 9 8 8.67
1 sidereel 8

Looking for a specific show or movie?

Try searching all the Top 25 sites above.

Click here to see our entire list of streaming video sites, not just the Top 25.

ButterMouth is not responsible for any content linked to or referred to from these pages. ButterMouth does not host any content on our Servers. All video links point to content hosted on third party webites. ButterMouth does not accept responsibility for content hosted on third party websites. All these sites were found through Google or other similar search engines. ButterMouth's Top 25 Places to Watch Free Movies

The Top 25 Websites for Free Movies and TV Shows Online

By Buttermouth → Tuesday, April 1, 2008