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First Minnesota brought us the electric elevator. We were happy. Then they gave us Prince. We were sad. Now to even things out some University of Minnesota students have created movielens.

This is a very simple site that has surprisingly accurate recommendations. After signing up for an account. They give you a list of movies, and your supposed to rank the movies from 1 to 5 stars.

After you rank at least 15 movies, you can get a personalized list of movies that are similar in taste to the movies you liked.

I love this site because I always find myself not knowing which movie to watch or rent, and these recommedation really give me a good idea of what movies there are out there that will interest me.

Get Personalized Movie Recommendations - Univeristy of Minnestoa

By Buttermouth → Monday, March 31, 2008
RapidShare Search Engine

A pretty nifty tool that you can use to find rapidshare files from across the internet.

Just search a movie, tv show, program, or anything else that is downloadable into the search box. Once you do that, you'll see all the sites that have direct downloads of that file.

You can even search other different direct download sites, like;

Megaupload, badongo, 4filehosting, rapidsharing, megashares, among some others.

Rapid Share Search Engine

By Buttermouth → Sunday, March 30, 2008

I know that taxes might not be everyone's favorite subject to talk about, but this site is definitely worth a mention. I promise to keep it short.

Basically TaxAct is an online application similar to TurboTax that prepares and files your taxes. Except this is 100% free.

The IRS recently started using e-files, but they make you file it through separate tax companies. But you don't have to worry about that, all your taxes can be done directly on TaxAct for free with hardly any mess.

Unfortunately, At this time TaxAct only works for people from the US of A.

File Your Taxes Online For Free - TaxAct Tax Preperation

By Buttermouth → Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sometimes when websites aren't made in the good ol' USA (or the UK and Canada) they can be kind of hard to follow or understand.

That's what happens with teet.net. They have a fun and exciting new premise for daily giveaways, but I for the life of me couldn't understand how I was supposed to win this stuff.

But it turns out to be pretty simple. There are two ways to winning free cameras, Wii's, PSPs, and other gadgets. The first way is to guess what time the timer will stop.

Each product has a timer counting down, it will probably stop sometime before it reaches 0, so you need to guess when that will be. The closer you get to the actual stop time, the more points you get.

The second way is by rolling the dice and trying to get the highest roll. When the product timer stops, teet.com gives you a roll of the dice. The higher the roll the more points you get. The person with the most points at the end of the roll wins the product.

Win Free Stuff - teet.net

By Buttermouth → Friday, March 28, 2008

Besides not having a banner or a logo, this site does fairly well at providing us with quality movie links.

I especially like the fact that there a tons of movies on the front page, so you don't have to go deeper into the site (A.K.A. spend more time) to find a movie that you want to watch.

To watch the movies, just click on"Read More" that's under each movie. That will take you directly to the movie page where you can start enjoying the film you've chosen.

Free Movie Site - PlanetTube

By Buttermouth →

A great online TV site devoted to all the streaming TV shows out there.

tvKong gives several links to each TV show that it posts, so it easy to find a working link or a higher quality video.

Get started by clicking on a TV show that you want to watch, and then just follow a link to a specific episode.

tvKong has great update dependability, so it's as a complete of a resource as your going to find out there.

Free Movie Links - tvKong

By Buttermouth → Thursday, March 27, 2008

A great site that is better viewed on your cell phone. This site empowers your cell phone with different tools that connect it to your favorite websites, music, and social networks.

You can now share your cell phone pictures directly to Facebook or listen to your music directly on your cell phone.

At first, this site was about connecting your cell phone with your home computer. Pretty cool right there. But since their launch, they have added a bunch of different features like their MyPhoto and MyRadio tools.

This site has great potential and has really progressed lately. I guess people are finally deciding to take advantage of their cell phones abilities.

Empower your Mobile Phone - Wauw!

By Buttermouth → Wednesday, March 26, 2008
Social Scan

If your a webmaster, one of the most important thing that concerns you is your link popularity, especially across the wide world of social sites.

There was never a easy or good way to do this until social scan.

Just enter a URL into the box at the top of the page. After clicking enter you'll be shown how many links (or diggs) that website has across 12 different social bookmarking sites.

This is a extremely useful tool for any webmaster, or web junkie, out there.

Website Link Popularity Widget - SocialScan

By Buttermouth →

Techmeme gathers news stories from across the web, and displays the most popular ones on their websites.

The thing that differeniates them from other news aggregators is that is focuses on the technology world. From blogs to social networks, you can always find the newest stories come out of Techmeme first.

The stories they post come from a variety of sources, even major newspapers like; the BBC and the Wall Street Journal. But most of it comes from the blogosphere.

There are tons of great stories on this website that I don't hear mentioned anywhere else, everyday. Definitely a great resource for all the tech buffs out there.

Get the Latest Technology News - Techmeme

By Buttermouth →
South Park Studios

The makers of South Park, Trey and Matt, have released all the episodes of South Park in a effort to combat online piracy.

Sure you have to sit through three 30 second commercials, but you get extremely fast buffering and really high quality videos. And it's not like you don't have to deal with ads with all those "free" south park sites.

This site couldn't come any sooner, especially since SouthParkZone and Allsp have been extremely unreliable in the last couple days.

Watch Every South Park For Free ...100% Legally

By Buttermouth → Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Another resource to find free movies online.

You can see all the new movies directly on their front page. Clicking on the images take you directly to the movie, where you can start watching it immediately.

They have most, if not all, the newest releases. So you swing by here to see the newest movies out there.

As it's the case with all websites that play newer movies, the quality and buffering speeds are dramatically reduced. But if your not against watching movies hosted on Yokou, Todou, or Fliqz, you'll find this site very useful.

Thanks to Norman Roberts from NoSubscriptionRequired for pointing out this site.

Watch Movies Online - ivi.co.za

By Buttermouth → Monday, March 24, 2008

This site compiles links to streaming movies from sites across the internet. You can see the links they have by browsing them by popularity, newest additions, or alphabetically.

I like they way they organize the links, it makes it a little bit easier finding the most popular vids on the internet.

But as I mentioned before, Rain Links merely grabs links from other sites and posts them on theirs. So if you visit other sites (like bedroom media), you'll be seeing a lot of duplicate videos.

Find Free Online Movies - Rainlinks.com

By Buttermouth →

A great website that lists the songs that were just played on almost every radio station in the USA.

Just search a city name, station, call letters, or zip code and you'll see a list of stations in your area. Clicking on a station will bring you to a chat room that posts the songs being played on that station.

This turns out to be pretty cool because not only can you see and purchase the songs being played on your favorite radio stations, but you can also chat with people about the songs.

Some popular radio stations list the songs that they play...but having all the stations in one place, is extremely convenient.

Find What Song Your Local Radio is Playing - Yes.com

By Buttermouth → Sunday, March 23, 2008

Remember the good old days, when you wanted to express your emotions towards someone, the best way was with a mix tape?

Well those things of the past have made their way back to the internet.

With mixwit, you can make electronic mix tapes with all your favorite songs. You can either upload your own songs or choose songs that are already being shared on mixwit.

When your done choosing the perfect songs for your mix tape, you can either send and share the mixtape with people, or post it on your blog or website. Pretty...pretty cool.

Create and Share Free Mix Tapes - MixWit.com

By Buttermouth → Friday, March 21, 2008

This site specializes in new episodes of TV shows. Anytime a new show airs, you can usually find a link to the show on this site in a matter of hours.

Even better, most of the videos are in good quality, and enjoyable to watch. This can't be said of a lot of other online TV sites.

The top menu has an option of movies, but it seems just to redirect to TV show links. So, if your looking for a new episode of a particular show, give TVJunk a chance.

Watch TV Shows Online - tvjunk.net

By Buttermouth →

A new streaming movie site that started up earlier this year. Divlix compiles and lists high quality movies found throughout the internet.

Even after the closing of Stage6, Divlix is able to have "DivX" quality films by linking a some slower loading hosts.

I've been really missing Stage6 recently because it's become really hard for me to find high quality films nowadays. So naturally, when I heard about this site I was excited.

You should also know that almost every video on this site has increased buffer time, so I'd recommend letting the videos buffer until the halfway mark. Even with this setback, I would still choose quality over loading times any day of the week.

Watch High Quality Movies - Divlix.com

By Buttermouth → Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Here's a site that just started up last month. It features full length movies available for streaming and downloading.

They like to post newer, more popular movies, so you all know what that means when it comes to quality.

Overall, this site works like many of the other online TV sites found throughout ButterBlog. The only problem I faced in my journey through watchfreemovies, is that they like to link to Youku and Todou movies, which might as well be a double edged sword. Mixing slow loading Chinese hosts with bad quality movies is not exactly a match made in heaven.

Watch and Download Free Movies - watchfreemovies.cc

By Buttermouth →

Here's another great place to download free music online. The thing that sets mp3000.net apart from the other mp3 search engines, is that it has a far bigger collection.

I was able to find most of the songs I was searching for, which is more than I can say about some of the other sites. I was under the impression that these sites used the same database, but mp3000 works on some other level.

By visiting the site, you can see the most popular "tags" at the moment. By clicking on these links, a list of mp3's that fit those descriptions are shown to you.

The site design and downloading process couldn't be easier. I'd definitely recommend giving mp3000.net a visit.

Huge Free MP3 Collection - MP3000.net

By Buttermouth → Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A great place to download all your favorite movies and TV shows. Pretty much runs like a blog, in that each day they post articles with rapidshare links to full TV shows and movies.

Even better, they also have free full albums available for download too. They have a bunch of albums already ranging from Kayne West to Britney Spears.

The albums work in the same way the movie downloads work. Make note if there is a password on the blog post, if there is...your going to have to enter it before you download the files. If there's no password, just click on the link and click on download.

TV Show Rapidshare Downloads - hyperobots.com

By Buttermouth → Monday, March 17, 2008

Another place to find new movies online for free.

The good thing about this website is that even though they post newer movies, they try to find the best quality video available.

This way, you can watch some of the newest movies, in "watchable" quality. This doesn't mean that all the videos are DivX quality, but these videos don't audio sync problems or the movie cuts off 15 mins before the end of the movie.

Give it a try yourself, just click on a title, then click on Watch Movie.

Free Movies Online - FilmHill.com

By Buttermouth →

If you just need to watch the newest film to hit the big screens, then you should check out DavidMovie.

At this site you can give up some quality for the opportunity of getting to watch the movies everyone is talking about.

On the front page, they post almost all the films that are playing in theatres. Just click on the title, then press watch now, and the video will start playing.

Free Online Movies @ DavidMovie.com

By Buttermouth → Sunday, March 16, 2008

A new message board that started earlier this year. Free Movies Land is a place where people can share and post links to online movies and TV shows.

One of the best features on Free Movies Land is the Top 40 lists. Lower on the front page, the 40 latest and most talked about posts are listed. This feature makes the whole forum browsing aspect much more tolerable.

This site likes to post mostly newer flicks, but that's not to say you can't find a couple older movies that peak your interest.

Free Movies Message Board - Free Movies Land

By Buttermouth → Friday, March 14, 2008

Now that you have dozens of places to go to listen to free music, all you need now is a way to download the streaming songs.

That's exactly what StationRipper is for. You can go to sites like Last.fm, iTunes, or pretty much any of these sites, and download the songs that are streaming.

Even better, it's extremely easy to use. Just download the software, and go to your favorite streaming music site, and the software does the rest.

Just to let you all know, the software that you get for free is just a demo, with certain limitations. You might want to upgrade to the full version if you like what you see.

Record and Download Internet Radio - StationRipper

By Buttermouth →

A great place to find rapidshare downloads of all the new popular TV shows. Anytime a new episode airs, you can find a direct download link to it on this site, usually a day after the original air date.

This site is a nice resource for anyone that wants to keep copies of their favorite TV shows, instead of just streaming them.

The download speeds are quite fast, which make using this site much easier and faster than dealing with torrents.

Free TV Show Rapidshare Downloads - OnlyFreeTV

By Buttermouth → Thursday, March 13, 2008

Here's another place for watching free movies online.

As soon as you enter TVLinksNow, you see dozens of movies waiting to be watched. Just click on them, and the movie will start streaming.

TVLinksNow has most of the newest films available on their site. The only problem I experienced when browsing through this site is that they like to link to videos found on Chinese servers.

But this usually isn't a problem, because below each movie, they have alternative links from a bunch of different hosts.

Watch Movies Instantly - TVLinksNow.com

By Buttermouth → Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This site is one of the most complete resources for finding Simpson's episodes online.

I especially like that it has random featured episodes on the frontpage, so that I can watch old episodes that I've never seen.

If your looking for a specific episode, just click on a season (on top of the page), and then just click on the title of the episode. It should start streaming in a couple seconds.

This site also has "sister" sites for different TV shows. Like;

Free Simpsons Episodes @ WatchTheSimpsonsOnline.com

By Buttermouth → Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A new site that allows anyone to find and download free popular MP3's.

You can also find music charts and full album downloads (sadly there are only 10 albums available right now).

The site is pretty easy to use, just click on a MP3 that interests you. Once your at the specific MP3 page, just right click on "Download Now" and choose "save link as". From there all you need to do is choose a place to save it, and your download starts immediately.

This is a fairly new site, so don't expect all the MP3's in the world. That said, this site has good potential for making it easier to find and download the top songs at any given moment.

Free MP3 Downloads at YourMP3.net

By Buttermouth →

A brand new website that only specializes in educational videos and documentaries. Think "History Channel" except it's all online, on demand, and has no commercials.

You can watch main stream documentaries, like Sicko, Bowling for Columbine, and Jesus Camp or you can also watch more alternative movies like "The True Story of Che Guevara" or "Black Tar Herion".

None of the movies are hosted on Chinese or other slow loading hosts, and even better, you never have to worry about the quality of the videos, because Johnlocker only posts videos to higher quality videos.

Everyone can learn someting at Johnlocker.com, the online learning network.

Full Length Documentaries and Science Videos - John Locker

By Buttermouth → Monday, March 10, 2008

A nicely designed new website that specializes in movies and TV shows.

The frontpage lists the newest additions to the site, but you can easily find a movie or TV show by clicking on those categories, or you can browse the videos available on Watch-free-movies alphabetically.

This site is brand spanking new, but I like what I'm seeing already. They have links to a bunch of new films and TV episodes.

Thanks to Norman Roberts at NSR for pointing out this site.

Watch Free Movies @ Watch-Free-Movies

By Buttermouth → Sunday, March 9, 2008
Just the mention of the MPAA and RIAA conjure up scary images of people being arrested for downloading their favorite songs or movies. Instead of artists being happy that more people are listening/watching than ever, they've decided to criminalize our love for their talent. Is there an solution to this problem? Who knows? Either way, we are stuck with what we got . . . 100 sure fire ways to get on the MPAA's and RIAA's badside.

As always, please use these websites and applications responsibly.

Free Streaming Movies Websites

click here for more websites

Free Music Websites

click here for more websites


piratebayThe Piratebay
torrentreactorTorrent Reactor

P2P Applications

kazaaliteKazaa Lite

100 Ways to Piss Off the MPAA and RIAA

By Buttermouth →

Tubeyak's a place for discussion of popular TV shows. If your not really looking to talk about TV, you can always head over to their online video section.

People post links of TV shows and movies in their posts. Just click on the topic, and follow the link to the video.

It seems to me that they just started their online video section, but it's still a good place to find links to the newest episodes of popular TV shows.

TV Show Discussions with Videos - tubeyak.com

By Buttermouth → Saturday, March 8, 2008