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The 25 Top Ranked Places to Watch Free Movies

By Buttermouth Sunday, December 2, 2007

Located below is the most detailed list of websites that allow you to watch free movies. This list has gone a long way from what it was when it began in August. This month's update features 5 new websites, with some of them breaking into the top 10. You can find the complete list of sites that were ranked, not just the Top 25, here.

At any of these sites, people are free to click and watch full length TV shows and movies, completely free of charge.This update captures all the changes that happened in the streaming video world up until December 2nd, 2007.

Happy Viewing!

Rank Website Design Good Links Quality Quantity Community Updates Score
25 digaclip 5
24 fomdb 8
6 0
6 6
23 tvlinksquid 7
0 8
21 boxsweeper 7 8 8 8 0 9 6.67
21 movinflicks 8 8 9 7 0 8 6.67
18 go4ent 6 6 6 7 8 8 6.83
Rank Website Design Good Links Quality Quantity Community Updates Score
18 videostic 8 6 8 8 4 7 6.83
18 enxplode 6 9 8 8 0 10 6.83
15 watchtvsitcoms 7 -
15 watchtvsitcoms 8 8 9 8 0 9 7
15 watchtvsitcoms 9 8 8 8 2 7 7
13 divxlive 6 8 5 7 9 8 7.17
13 66stage 8 8 7 9 2 9 7.17

Rank Website Design Good Links Quality Quantity Community Updates Score
11 fnuz 7 9 9 7 5 8 7.5
11 fnuz 8 6 7 7 10 7 7.5
8 forumflicks 5 5 9 9 9 9 7.67
8 cinemaplex 8 8 9 6 9 6 7.67
8 tubezoom 6 9 8 6 8 9 7.67
5 videohybrid 8 9 7 8 7 8 7.83
Rank Website Design Good Links Quality Quantity Community Updates Score
*5 Movies on Demand
8 9 8 9 5 8 7.83
5 nabolister 7 8 9 6 9 8 7.83
3 joost 8 8 8 7 9 8 8
3 quicksilverscreen 10 9 9 8 4 8 8
2 alluc 8 9 7 9 10 9 8.67
1 ovguide 9 - - - 9 - 9

Looking for a specific show or movie?

Try searching all the Top 25 sites above. (Dot Com Holdings of Buffalo, Inc)

Short Reviews

25. BoxSweeper [5.67/10.0]
A new site that has new movies and TV show links. For each movie there are a bunch of different links to make it easier to find a working video.

24. MovinFlicks [6.0/10.0]
A pretty decent streaming video site. The thing that's cool about this site is that they allow you to download certain TV shows to your computer, for later viewing. This kind of defeats the purpose of the whole "streaming" part, but it can come in handy.

*23. VideoStic [6.5/10.0]
A great site where you can watch all your favorite TV shows, usually right after they air. They have a lot of TV shows listed, so it won't be hard finding one that suits your needs.

22. TV-Video [6.67/10.0]
This site specializes in only TV-Shows. More specifically, new and popular shows. The main page lists the newest updates directly in the center, so it's easy to find the newest (and working) links. Another cool feature is that the main page also shows the recent updates to 9 different TV shows. These shows are some of the most popular comedy, drama, and cartoon shows out there. So if your in the need to catch up on any new episode of a popular show, this is a great place to go.

20. DivXLive [6.67/10.0]
A great site that links to only DivX movies. There are some great new movies and classics listed on this site. We highly recommend this site.

20. CinemaPlex [6.83/10.0]
A well layed out message board site which has links to pretty much all the new releases. They also have TV Show section, but it's pretty small right now. This site just launched so they are still building their community.

18. enXplode [6.83/10.0]
enXplode has links to streaming movies. It's well organized with pictures, synopsis, rating and number of views. This site just launched but has a lot traffic already.

18. ProjectFreeTV [6.83/10.0]
A great online TV site that allows people to watch TV shows and movies online. The great thing about this site is that it has probably the fastest updates of any site like it. A great place to go and watch brand new movies and TV shows.

15. Fnuz [7.0/10.0]
A site like OVGuide. All you need to do is search the movie or TV show you would like to watch, and a list of videos is generated from different streaming videos sites. From there, just click on a search result that seems good, and sit back and enjoy your video.

15. 66Stage [7.0/10.0]
A site that shows only DivX quality videos. They are really consistent and frequent with their updates, especially with popular TV shows. They also have a weekly video list of the Top 10 Movies based on their box office revenue. Right now this website has the ButterMouth score to make it into the teens of the Top 25.

15. TV-Life [7.0/10.0]
This is a great TV-Links clone. Some might even say that TV-life is better than TV-Links, but that's for you to decide. What's weird is ever since tvlinks shut down, new sites like TV-life have sprung up and made great improvements in the IPTV world. For example, TV-life keeps track of what movies or shows you've clicked on recently, and shows them to you on their front page. It seriously takes me all of 2 seconds to find my favorite shows.

13. TubeZoom [7.17/10.0]
Another forum style streaming video site, like; movieforumz and movieforums.informe (see below). TubeZoom has plenty of video which should keep anyone happy.

*13. PeekVid [7.17/10.0]
This article was originally titled "The Top 25 Websites Like TV-Links, Peekvid, and". I've gotten a lot of responses asking for this website to be entered into the actual rankings, so here it is, in all it's glory. I thought it would rank higher than 13, but it lost a lot from not having a community. But nonetheless, it's a great site and a great resource for finding movies.

*11. Movie Bar [7.5/10.0]
It's always a pleasure finding videos on moviebar. A simple site design mixed with DivX quality videos make this website a great new addition to our online TV section.

11. Video Hybrid [7.5/10.0]
A site with a great requesting idea. The more a video is requested, the more "points" someone receives if they upload that specific video. A great concept, and because of that they have a good selection of movies and TV shows.

8. Nabolister [7.67/10.0]
A great site that includes a search box. All you need to do is search for your favorite TV show or movie, and a list of streaming videos will be presented to you.

8. Joox [7.67/10.0] has a nice selection of movies and TV shows all in DivX, with pretty regular updates.

8. WatchTVSitcoms [7.67/10.0]
The name is misleading. They do have a lot of TV sitcoms, but they also have a decent movie section. They have great updates, and because of that are one of my favorite places to catch up on recent episodes of my favorite shows.

*5. Vid Stream [7.83/10.0]
Do you want to watch the newest releases and not worry about finding "working" links? Don't look farther than Vid Stream. They show all the top new releases, and guess what? All the links work! It's amazing. (All the movie links worked at the time of this publication)

*5. Movies on Demand [7.83/10.0]
Great selection of movie links that almost always work. They have a large selection of newely released movies as while as some of the best older movies.

*5. Ticket666 [7.83/10.0]
A new site that is based around a message board. People can embed movies directly into the posts, so theres no need to leave the site to visit the video hosters.

3. quicksilverscreen [8.0/10.0]

has a very simple layout showing all the TV shows and movies. Next to each of the links, there are little images that tell you if the link is working or not. This makes things go a lot smoother when looking for video. You need to become a member to use the forum and watch the movies.

3. SurfTheChannel [8.0/10.0]
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the most likely website to take over TV-Links spot.
This site even has a similar feel to TV-Links. The updates are great, the design is awesome, and the quality of links are good. There are only two things that aren't included in this site, but only because they are brand new. One thing is that the site only has links to TV shows, and the other thing is the lack of a community, which I have a feeling with be quickly filled.

2. [8.67/10.0]
Alluc is a good streaming video site, with pretty consistent updates. With the huge amount of links and consistent updates, it's no surprise it's been around for as long as it has.

1. OVGuide [9.0/10.0]
This site is great. It's a search engine that crawls through all the streaming videos sites out there. All you have to do is enter the show or movie you want to see, and it will show you links to where you can find it. Buttermouth lists this site under search engines, but it is one of the best streaming videos sites out there.

Click here to see our entire list of streaming video sites, not just the Top 25.

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