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Download and Stream Divx with IceFilms(.info)

By VanHoven Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yet another simple streamer, IceFilms brings you to any number of videos which you can download and stream at your descretion. I called it a streamer because why download when you can have your content right now? Oh yeah, lots of you like quality, which I totally get but I'm way too ADD to sit there while Twilight downloads. Plus if you're like me you tend to be into cloudcomputing anyway, and downloading just doesn't jive with that.

Anyway, the forum will tell you whats up, and you can search between movies and TV. All in all this site is decent, but we have to say it sucks in terms of nav. and overall design. These sites usually aren't too highly set up for high level design or anything, but since when was an all black background cool? I mean, your site is called IceFilms - so why not go with it? IceFilms is young - get on it before it gets trafficked to hell. Mmmk?

Oh, did we mention IF is listed on OVGuide? Ok, well it is.

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5 Comments " Download and Stream Divx with IceFilms(.info) "

abemore March 31, 2009 at 11:32 PM

lol, thanks for the mention. I like the criticism. We went with the dark theme to sort of simulate a movie theater experience and to save our eyes from the flash of bright colors when u exit full screen. And we aren't graphic artists, so we fail to make it ice-like.

I'm not sure what you are looking for in navigation... the top menu links will get you to some simple text lists, there is a search box, and on the movie page itself you can browse movies and TV by genre and sort the results in several ways.

I'm always working to update the code and make things better, but there are a lot of limiting factors.

-IceFilms Admin

xOmenx June 11, 2009 at 4:25 PM

Wow ku.. nice to be apart of this.


I myself actually like the black background, As Abemore already said they tried to make in movie theathre style, and I think they succeeded.
But it would be a great idea if they put some frost design in there.

Wouldnt like it if it was all blue though.

Anyway Keep up the good work guys! ;)

Greetings Sam! ;)


This site is fantastic. Best streamer I've ever found. I really appreciate the work you put into this site and hope it stays active. You guys are geniuses.

P.S. the black background makes it easy to read the content, and all in all, it is a basic but highly functional and user friendly design. Challenge the critics to do better. Take this site for instance, not very impressive.


Icefilms is 007.