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. Friday, January 4, 2008


UPDATE: MyP2P seems to have been taken down. Scroll to the bottom of this post and the comments to see other alternatives!


MyP2P is another website like ChannelSurfing except for the fact that it has a lot more video links available. This site basically organizes links of live sporting events found throughout the internet. You can choose to watch completely free and live videos of professional American sports (MLB, NFL, PGA, etc...) or even international sporting events.

MyP2P seems to be really concentrated on football (soccer). They have some of the best matches available from leagues across Europe. This site is great for me because it seems like I'm one of only a handful people in America that enjoy watching soccer (football), and MyP2P provides me with some great matches I would never be able to see in the states.

This site is definitely not limited to football/soccer and other major sports. It also has live feeds from TV stations from around the globe. Check out what's on Fox in California or watch SkyNews from the UK. There's a large list of all the channels MyP2P offers...HERE.

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Anonymous said...

You sure are right my friend about this jewel. It's awesome. :D

I'm only using for watching hockey (NHL) so its good for that too.

tunca said...

Over all what they're doing is good but they're discriminating Turkish people. From main page "Live Sports" link you can find all the soccer leagues but Turkish league. Fenerbahce was one of the last 8 teams in Champions League. If you want to watch Fenerbahce's match don't bother yourself to search at that section. You have to go to forum and keep your fingers crossed that someone would have opened a thread for that league match and posted the links. You can find a match from Mexico, Israel, the main page but no Turkish team even one of them had played at champions league semi finals. I asked the reason for that at the forum. No satisfactory answer came and they deleted my posts related with the subject. One week later I reasked the same question, they banned not my nick but my IP address?? They can't even stand by their desicion. They can't discuss. Because they know that they are wrong and simply they've banned my IP. This is their management mentality. You can check it by yourself if you can find any Turkish league match on weekends at the "Live Sport" section. There is a obvious discrimination going on against Turkish people. Over all go service, bad management team + dictatorship mentality. Sad but true.

Anonymous said...

Myp2p is not offering Italian Serie A, English Premier League, Eredivisie, NHL, Elitserien, SM-Liga and Swedish Allsvenskan links anymore. But those companies are not going to stop us, share the alternatives:

Anonymous said... is the best

Anonymous said...