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. Saturday, December 15, 2007

If your into high quality movies, then your sure to like

Movie6 does a great job finding videos that don't look like they were shot underwater.

On the right column of movie6, there is a list of all the movies that they currently have streaming. Just click on the link, and start watching.

The only downside to movie6 is that they don't like to link to stage6 videos (DivX). If they choose to have more DivX videos, then you wouldn't need another movie video site.


Anonymous said...

I used to watch at but i found this site which I think is better... just sharing:

Buttermouth said...

Looks like has been taken down.

While I try to find a reason why, check out some other sites like here;

Top 25 Places to Watch Movies and TV Shows Online

Buttermouth said...

I just found out that server crashed.

They are moving to a dedicated server, so they should be back up within a week.

watch movies said...

watch movies free on internet :

info said...


Anonymous said... enjoy!

The Movies said...

I found a website which looks similar to it but they are really quick in updating new releases.