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Top 10 Sites Like TVlinks, Peekvid, Alluc, Ovguide - Streaming Video Online

By Buttermouth Friday, August 3, 2007
There are a lot of sites out there just like TV links, but for some reason they don't get high rankings in Google. It can be frustrating finding these sites all over the internet, so here are ButterMouth, we've have decided to list the Top 10 sites just like TV links. Enjoy, and watch responsibly.

Top 10 Sites Like TVlinks, rated by the unique ButterMouth algorithm:


10. Fnuz [7.0/10.0]
A site like OVGuide. All you need to do is search the movie or TV show you would like to watch, and a list of videos is generated from different streaming videos sites. From there, just click on a search result that seems good, and sit back and enjoy your video.

10. TubeZoom [7.0/10.0]

Another forum style streaming video site, like; movieforumz and movieforums.informe (see below). TubeZoom has plenty of video which should keep anyone happy.

10. CinemaPlex [7.0/10.0]

A well layed out message board site which has links to pretty much all the new releases. They also have TV Show section, but it's pretty small right now. This site just launched so they are still building their community.

8. Joost [7.17/10.0]

A new startup by the Skype founders. Their mission is to deliver free and high quality streaming video to everyone. They have signed contracts with MTV, CBS, Adult Swim, Comedy Central, Paramount, and many other providers. But the only problem is that they only show a select few shows from each channel, so a lot of the stuff on Joost right now is quite out there. I really hope that Joost becomes big, because it will make the whole finding the right streaming video, a thing of the past.

8. ForumFlicks [7.17/10.0]

ForumFlicks is a great forum. People add links to movies and TV shows that can be found on different video sites on the internet. Posts are rated which help in choosing videos to watch. Because the posts are ordered by date, you know that the top posts will have functional videos. ForumFlicks is still quite new, but already has some great video and a growing community.

7. Vid2C [7.33/10.0]
There are basically two sections on Vid2C. One for all the DivX (stage6) videos, and a second section for all the rest. It's nice to have both options on the same page, because there are times when you will need to use both formats.

Video Hybrid [7.67/10.0]
A site with a great requesting idea. The more a video is requested, the more "points" someone receives if they upload that specific video. A great concept, and because of that they have a good selection of movies and TV shows.

5. Nabolister [7.67/10.0]
A great site that includes a search box. All you need to do is search for your favorite TV show or movie, and a list of streaming videos will be presented to you.

5. Video Hybrid [7.67/10.0]
A site with a great requesting idea. The more a video is requested, the more "points" someone receives if they upload that specific video. A great concept, and because of that they have a good selection of movies and TV shows.

3. Joox [8.0/10.0] has a nice selection of movies and TV shows all in DivX, with pretty regular updates.

3. quicksilverscreen [8.0/10.0]

has a very simple layout showing all the TV shows and movies. Next to each of the links, there are little images that tell you if the link is working or not. This makes things go a lot smoother when looking for video. You need to become a member to use the forum and watch the movies.

2. [8.33/10.0]
Alluc is a good streaming video site, with pretty consistent updates. Pretty much runs like the others.

1. OVGuide [9.5/10.0]
This site is great. It's a search engine that crawls through all the streaming videos sites out there. All you have to do is enter the show or movie you want to see, and it will show you links to where you can find it. Buttermouth lists this site under search engines, but it is one of the best streaming videos sites out there.

Featured Site: Graboid [10.0*/10.0]

An amazing new program that allows your to download and stream very high quality movies and TV within a few moments. You are allowed up to 4GB worth of video for free. A++

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Pro Blog Reviews September 7, 2007 at 8:58 PM

great links, thank you

Buttermouth September 8, 2007 at 10:23 AM

This article is from a month ago, to stay on top of the flucuations of these sites, visit our Top 25 Sites Like TVlinks article.



You forgot the 3rd largest? .. bit odd but ... ENJOY!


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its back again :)

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